Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms - Chapter 2101 - final kill

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Chapter 2101: Chapter 2101-final kill

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“F * ck! Are you forcing me to swear?”

Tian Peng was furious and roared,”are you a f * cking King or an act tough King?” Take us down in one minute? Don’t you need to use your brain before acting tough?”

“Woof! Buzzzzzz! Buzzzzzz! Whoosh!”

Chen Xiaobei immediately took out four five-star earth-god swords!

Bursting flames! Furious Thunder! Period water! Qing Xuan!


Four Swords appeared behind Chen Xiaobei, blazing with fire! The lightning was dazzling! The water was cold! Green light filled the sky!

The four types of spiritual lights were like the light of Buddha. Chen Xiaobei was shrouded in them, like a god that had descended from the heavens, exuding an inviolable divine pressure!

“Second senior! The Qin family once! Devil earth twice! Blood pool once! Today will be the fifth time I’ve captured you alive!”

Chen Xiaobei raised his arms, and 40 billion low-grade spiritual Qi was instantly burned out. The power of the four Swords was activated!

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

&Nbsp; the spiritual Flame King, wild Thunder King, and fiendish water King Dharma powers appeared and charged at Tian Peng and the three heaven dominating faction elders!


The 800-meter-long qingxuan blade Qi followed closely behind, like a terrifying giant blade that could tear the sky and the earth, and slashed down brazenly!

“Three elders! Attack together with me!”

Tian Peng’s eyes focused and he said, ” “We have to work together to prevent Chen Zhufeng from taking us down one by one! Remember my words, as long as you can hold on for half an hour, Chen Zhufeng will definitely die!”


&Nbsp; the three heaven covering sect elders nodded their heads and were determined to carry out Tian Peng’s plan.


Tian Peng waved his Green Dragon Star Moon saber and burned all the low-grade spiritual Qi. A giant Green Dragon rushed out!

The Green Dragon Dharma power grabbed the stars with one claw and the moon with the other. It seemed to have the power to turn the sky and the sea upside down, and it was going to crush the entire space!

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

&Nbsp; at the same time, the three heaven dominating faction elders also activated their five star earth-god instruments.

Three violent true core strengths soared into the sky and directly transformed into white lions! Golden Elephant! Peacock! Three giant Dharma idols!

They were like three ancient divine beasts, exuding a terrifying pressure that looked down on all life in the world!

The final battle of Wushuang had begun! Both bro bei and the enemy had four five-star earth-god instruments! Their combat strength was equal, and the chances of victory were 50 – 50! Who would have the last laugh!

Wanwan’s answer would be out very soon! Didn’t bro bei say anything? Finish off the enemy in one minute!

Yingluo, are you stupid! What bro bei said was just to provoke the enemy. How could there be a result in one minute?

Yingluo was right! This would definitely be a tough battle! Even if bro bei won, he would have to pay a huge price!

“Can Master’s words … Be realized?” Xuanyuan tuohai’s eyes flickered and his heart was filled with anticipation.

“Whether it can be realized or not, we’ll know in the first confrontation!” “I believe in Xiaobei!” Xiangyu said. He has never let us down!”

“Fight! Fight! I can’t wait to see Xiao bei’s performance!” Six-eared macaque grinned, and his eyes were full of fighting spirit.


“Sect master!”

&Nbsp; ” yes! &Quot;   the heaven dominating faction core elder reported, ” the space Array is ready. We can teleport over at any time! &Quot;

“Set off immediately!”

“Mister Tianpeng can buy us half an hour, but I demand that we arrive at the beast God mountain within ten minutes!” Beiming Wuji said seriously.

&Quot; sect master, there’s a new situation! &Quot;

The core elder continued,”I’ve just received a report!” Azure Dragon Capital city, 100000 Dragon Fang Warriors had already arrived at The White Tiger continent! Right now, he’s using the teleportation formation in The White Tiger Capital city to teleport to the small city at the foot of the beast God mountain!”

“Oh? The Jiang family can’t sit still?” Beiming Wuji laughed,”their target should be Chen Zhufeng too!” We’ll set off five minutes later!”

“Why is that?” The core elder asked in confusion.

“100000 Dragon Fang Warriors, all the core members of the Jiang family, and Mister canopy are more than enough to kill Chen Zhufeng!” Beiming Wuji smiled. This way, I won’t have to make a trip personally!”

“Sect master is wise!” “This subordinate thinks that we can already prepare the banquet!” The core elder said with a smile.

“Don’t rush!” &Quot; let’s go! &Quot; beiming Wuji said, ” the war is about to start! Let me see how Chen Zhufeng dies before I celebrate with everyone! &Quot;

“Yes, sir!” &Quot; it won’t take too long! The Jiang family’s Army will arrive in ten minutes! Chen Zhufeng is dead for sure! &Quot; the core elder grinned.


&Quot; boom boom boom … Boom boom boom … &Quot;

At the same time, the battle that shocked the entire apocalypse Starfield had begun on the top of beast God mountain!

The huge Dharma laksana clashed in the air!

The spirit Flame King versus the White Lion! The berserk Thunder King against the Golden Elephant! The fiendish water King against the peacock! The 800-meter-long Qing Xuan blade Qi against the 500-meter-long star and moon Dragon!

With a series of explosions, the entire world trembled!

It was as if there were eight five-star earth-level deities fighting in the air! Each collision was as intense as Mars crashing into earth!

The eight earth level deities were evenly matched and it was impossible to determine the winner!

“I’m holding on! Our strength is not inferior to Chen Zhufeng’s!”

Tian Peng and the three heaven dominating sect elders were extremely excited, ” “With the spirit stones we have, we can definitely hold on for half an hour! Once the sect leader is here, Chen Zhufeng’s death will come!”

On the other hand, Chen Xiaobei did not do anything but stand there quietly.

“Stupid Xiaobei!”

Under the coat, a young girl’s coy voice came, ” “One minute is almost up, do you need me to help you? If you can’t handle them, the whole world will think you’re a braggart!”

“Stupid little Zi!”

&Quot; of course not! &Quot; Chen Xiaobei laughed. &Quot; the enemies all have ethereal force! Your poison can’t hurt them! &Quot; Moreover, you’re only a four-star earth-god, while my second senior brother is a peak four-star! If you get close to it, you’ll definitely be in trouble!”

“Then what do we do?” “After 30 seconds, you’ll become the laughingstock of the world!” Zi Yuan said.

“Don’t worry!”

“I’m the king of the orcs!” Chen Xiaobei grinned. He wasn’t the poison King of the demonic sect! I’ll use the beastmen’s method to win, so don’t worry about it!”

“Tsk! I’m kind enough to help you, but if you don’t appreciate it, then forget it!”

Zi Yuan said angrily,”there are only 20 seconds left before you become the world’s recognized pretentious d * ck!” The king of braggers!”

“Ten seconds is enough!”

Chen Xiaobei looked at her as if he could see through everything. &Quot; “The final moment is when they are the most relaxed! If I’m not wrong, they’re all thinking about how to mock me when the time is up!”

“Don’t tell me … You can really handle them?” Zi Yuan asked in disbelief.

Chen Xiaobei did not answer. Instead, he shouted, ” “Billions of stars, lend me your origin power! The king of all beasts, the subjects of all life!”

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