Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me - Chapter 341 - Suffering

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Chapter 341: Suffering

A snake with nine tails. It had no eyes and had two tiny nostrils. Its forearm was thick and its head had only one mouth with a tongue sticking out. Its entire body was dark and its nine tails were separated from its body. Each tail was nearly 10 centimeters thick. Its tail was also unlike other snakes It was round and shiny.

At this moment, they were imprisoned under the pool. As if they had smelled the unique scent of their master, the nine-tailed snake waved its nine tails and knocked on the stone wall with a ‘pa pa’ sound.

The small holes in the pond were usually made by the nine-tailed snake sticking out its tail to entangle with Huo Wanting. However, at this moment, the onlookers could only see many small bubbles emerging from the small holes. Those who did not know better would have thought that this was where the water flowed in and out.

Ouyang Jincheng looked at the room full of all kinds of simulating objects. He could not describe the feeling in his heart.

If a normal man knew that his woman had these things to comfort her, his first reaction would be embarrassment, shame, and anger.

However, perhaps he had been prepared for this since he was young, but Ouyang Jincheng was even a little secretly happy. So many dead things were better than living men. At least this way, he wouldn’t feel the green on his head floating.

However, these thick and hard things served Huo Wanting all day long. He didn’t know whether Huo Wanting would think that these things were better or that his kung fu was better.

Ouyang Jincheng’s expression changed very quickly. Huo Wanting, who had followed him for decades, naturally knew very well that he had probably fallen into a dead end again.

However, at this moment, Huo Wanting did not want to bother with him anymore. This man did not have much ability to begin with. It was difficult even for him to defend the city. If it was not for her behind-the-scenes help, it was hard to say if he would not have gotten to where he was today.

“Now you see it. My unbearable pain, my suffering. It’s all here. A woman with a tattoo of a Suoyin flower is really bitter. It’s really bitter. Hubby, you should go. Don’t come to my courtyard anymore. I don’t want to see anyone else.”

Huo Wanting’s grief and despair were like ashes. Looking at Huo Wanting’s eyes, he felt inexplicably guilty. All the dissatisfaction and strange thoughts he had just now were completely gone.

Indeed, the woman with the Suoyin flower tattoo was suffering. It was really suffering.

Ouyang Jincheng was not good with words. Without saying anything, he walked over and pulled Huo Wanting into his arms.

Huo Wanting’s heart was itchy from being pulled by these two hands. A strong smell instantly filled the entire room.

“You smell so good, baby. It’s been so many years, and you’re still so alluring. I can’t stop myself.”

Ouyang Jincheng smelled this strange fragrance. Only the first man of the Suoyin flower could smell it, which was one of the reasons why Ouyang Jincheng’s essence wasn’t sucked dry.

However, this smell also attracted the nine-tailed snake that was hibernating below. The smell made it more and more manic, and the sound in the pool became louder and louder.

Huo Wanting realized that this was definitely not the place to do this, and she definitely could not lose on the last day.

She bit her tongue tightly, and the strong smell of blood instantly filled her mouth. Then, she pushed Ouyang Jincheng away angrily and said to Ouyang Jincheng in a charming and hoarse voice, “Oh, it’s not convenient for me today.”

Ouyang Jincheng was stunned. Not convenient? Why was it not convenient today? Didn’t they say that once a woman was 50, she wouldn’t have that thing anymore? It had been many years since he had heard Huo Wanting say that her body was not convenient. Why was it not convenient again today?

“Baby, at your age, you still have this? You’re really my big baby.”

Huo Wanting pretended to be shy and smiled.

“I didn’t think that I would have this, but I really can’t serve you today. Although you don’t mind, we’re not young anymore, so we have to be careful. I know that you must be feeling uncomfortable now, so I’ll let Bi He serve you.”

“Bi He? You’ll let Bi He serve me?”

Ouyang Jincheng didn’t expect that Huo Wanting would let her big servant girl serve him. They had been together for decades, and he knew Huo Wanting’s character. Didn’t she hate it the most when he touched her servant girl? Why was she willing now?

Huo Wanting held him with one hand and drew circles on his heart with the other.

“I’m old after all. You’ve treated me so well all these years. I can’t let you down, can I? Also, I see that Bi He, that girl, also has feelings for you. She was taught by me. I guarantee that you’ll be satisfied.”

“Bi He, come in and serve the master.”

Huo Wanting didn’t hesitate at all. She let go of her hand, causing Ouyang Jincheng to shudder. Just as he was about to pretend to reject her, he saw Bi He enter wearing green gauze.

Although Huo Wanting’s veil was gauze, in order to prevent others from seeing her scars, it was the kind that was faintly visible. However, Bi He was different. It could be described as transparent. It just had an extra layer of light green. It added a hint of charm.

Moreover, Bi He’s figure was fuller than Huo Wanting’s. Her breasts were especially well-developed, so her figure was even better.

Bi He was originally prepared by Huo Wanting in advance. It was just that one day when she couldn’t do it anymore, she would have to bring out a confidant. Moreover, Bi He was also interested in Ouyang Jincheng. As a child of the family, if she didn’t have any feelings for the family head, it was really rare.

Therefore, Huo Wanting watched the two lovers deliberately walk to the other side of the room. She smiled and didn’t think about it anymore. Look at how nice this man spoke. In the end, as expected, a man’s way of thinking was only below.

Only Huo Wanting was left in the secret room. Once she entered, she felt her heart go numb. She couldn’t help but want to get closer to the pool. It had been a week since she had been here. She really wanted to panic, and her legs couldn’t help but get closer to the pool. She seemed to have heard the cheering of the nine-tailed snake. Just as her leg was about to sink into the pool, someone suddenly grabbed her back and pulled her into a warm embrace.

“Wanting, hold it in. You have to hold it in. You can’t, you definitely can’t touch that thing again. You definitely can’t touch it again.”

Liu He came in time. He pulled Huo Wanting out. At this moment, Bi He and Ouyang Jincheng were already having sex in another room, and no one saw what they were doing.

Liu He saw that Huo Wanting had obviously lost her mind, and his heart became heavier. He could only pull her to the room with one hand and touch her whole body with the other. Sure enough, Huo Wanting was much quieter now that she had someone to lean on.

After Liu He pulled her back to the room, he trapped her on the bed without saying a word. There were many things in Huo Wanting’s room, so Liu He used them very smoothly. Not only that, he also poured cold water on Huo Wanting’s body. Huo Wanting’s madness lasted for nearly 10 hours until she gradually calmed down. She only calmed down after 12 o’clock at night. Liu He finally breathed a sigh of relief. She had finally survived this round…

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