Reborn Girl’s New Life - Chapter 716 - The Murderer Pt.2

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Chapter 716 The Murderer Pt.2

Luo Xi showed a worried look, “I need to go to the hospital tonight.”

Shao Xue was a little worried, “If Shao Tianze doesn’t allow you to go to the hospital, he will make sure of that. You can’t go there smoothly.”

She knew Shao Tianze too well.

Shao Tianze’s viciousness was far beyond their imagination.

Luo Xi was too young to be his enemy.

He was absolutely incomparable.


Shao Xue pursed her lips and looked at Luo Xi with concern.

Luo Xi noticed her sight. He asked her, “What have you got?”

Shao Xue whispered, “I don’t know if this is gonna help. But if you want to go to see your grandpa, you can’t ask my brother again. You gotta ask somebody else’s help.”

Luo Xi’s eyes lit up, “Do you have a plan?”

Shao Xue nodded.

“Say it.” Luo Xi couldn’t wait.

His grandfather, the only family who was nice to him, was lying in the hospital. No matter what it took, he had to take care of him with the greatest effort.

He couldn’t be a coward. He couldn’t pretend that nothing had happened just because he wanted to go for a takeover.

Shao Xue knew that feeling, so she offered help when Luo Xi asked her, “I can help you contact Yunxuan.”

The image of that unique lady from the Song Family emerged in Luo Xi’s mind immediately.

“What can she help me with?”

Although he was persuaded by Song Yunxuan to marry Shao Xue, in his heart, somehow, he still rejected her.

As a girl who had experienced so many ups and downs at a young age, it was admirable that she could live unharmed.

It was really unusual.

“I’ll contact Yunxuan. She must know what to do.”

Shao Xue went to a corner and checked that there was no monitoring device in the room. Then she called Song Yunxuan.

The phone rang at twelve o’clock at midnight. Song Yunxuan glanced at it. It was Shao Xue calling.

She took the phone from the nightstand.

After the connection was made, she greeted, “Shao Xue?”

Shao Xue nodded, “Yes.”

“What happened? It’s midnight.”

Song Yunxuan could figure it out more or less.

But she wouldn’t rush to guess until Shao Xue revealed it.

Shao Xue gave Luo Xi a glance.

Seeing that, Luo Xi asked her, “Is she answering?”

“Yes.” Shao Xue nodded. She asked Luo Xi, “Do you want to talk to her?”

Luo Xi thought about it quickly, then he reached out his hand, “Alright.”

Shao Xue handed him the phone and walked aside, listening to Luo Xi talking on the phone.

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Is it really okay to stay up so late on your wedding night?”

“Miss Song, you’re awake, too.”

Song Yunxuan smiled, “Well, I have a lot on my mind. They’re disturbing. I can’t sleep.”

There was a lot happening. Although they were in her favor, she had a feeling of uneasiness spreading in her heart.

“Then do me a favor.” Luo Xi cut to the chase and asked for Song Yunxuan’s help.

Song Yunxuan was fond of such a straightforward way of speaking.

She cheered up with a smile, “Tell me what it is.”

“You should know that my grandfather got into hospital.”

Song Yunxuan did not deny it.

Luo Xi continued, “I need to see him and see what’s going on.”

Song Yunxuan said, “Have you tried to ask Shao Tianze about it?”

“Yes, but he doesn’t let me go.”

Song Yunxuan looked down and thought about it for a few moments, “He’s afraid that you will get in his way.”

“I know he wants me to pretend that everything is fine. He wants to block the news, but my wedding is over. Everyone will know my grandfather is in the hospital. My uncle will not do anything to intervene in my relationship with the Shao Family.”

“Where’s Luo Chen?” Song Yunxuan asked him.

Luo Xi answered, “Shao Tianze told me that he escaped.”

“He did not.” Song Yunxuan’s voice was heard clearly through the phone.

Luo Xi frowned, “How do you know?”

Song Yunxuan chuckled, “Think about it. Why did your uncle try to hurt your grandfather?”

“He was afraid that I would unite with Shao Tianze to take the Luo Family over, which is what he wants exactly.”

Luo Xi knew Luo Chen very well.

Song Yunxuan said, “Since he was to break up the cooperative relationship between you and Shao Tianze, after he escaped, he would definitely unite his people as soon as possible and bring it to light that Shao Tianze blocked the news that Mr. Luo is in the hospital. It will steer the Shao Family towards controversy.”

Luo Xi was Shao Xue’s husband. If Luo Chen really had done that, Luo Xi would naturally be involved.

The media were good at falsifying and distorting facts, coupled with Luo Chen’s guidance.

The reposts of accusing Shao Tianze and Luo Xi of hurting Mr. Luo would surely appear soon.

By then, the police would start the investigation.

Luo Chen, who was prepared well, would definitely be able to kick Luo Xi and Shao Tianze out of this power grab.

Luo Xi came through. He bit his lips and said nothing.

Song Yunxuan smiled at his silence.

Luo Xi frowned and asked her, “If my uncle didn’t escape, why did Shao Tianze lie to me?”

“Maybe he believes you will get in his way.”

It was a plain explanation.

But Luo Xi had a very bad premonition about it.

“Get in his way…” He repeated it and then frowned as if he had suddenly figured out something. He put the phone into Shao Xue’s arms and rushed towards the door.

Shao Xue was puzzled and worried that something bad might happen. She caught up with Luo Xi and grabbed him, “What are you doing?”

“My grandfather is in danger. I need to go to the hospital.”

He was in such a hurry that he couldn’t explain it clearly to Shao Xue. He just wanted to rush out as fast as he could.

Shao Xue couldn’t stop him. She asked Song Yunxuan on the phone, “What am I supposed to do? Luo Xi is about to rush out.”

“Let him go.”

Song Yunxuan did not let Shao Xue stop him.

Shao Xue was confused.

She took the phone and went after Luo Xi.

Luo Xi rushed to the door, pulling the door hard.

He tried several times, but the door was closed shut.

Shao Tianze must have locked the door. Luo Xi began to realize.

Shao Xue followed him over and saw Luo Xi kicking at the door.

The noise of his kicking was so loud that it panicked Shao Xue.

Song Yunxuan held the phone. Hearing the noise Luo Xi was making, she said to Shao Xue, “Do something to calm him down.”

Shao Xue grabbed Luo Xi’s arm and persuaded him, “Calm down.”

Luo Xi frowned anxiously, “How can I be calm? My grandfather is in danger. How can I calm down?”

“If you don’t calm down, how can we find out a way to get out of here? How can you get to see your grandfather?”

Hearing this, Luo Xi gradually calmed down.

Indeed, Shao Xue was right.

If he couldn’t calm down, how could he figure out a plan?

If he couldn’t think of a plan, how could he save his grandfather?

Luo Xi leaned his back on the door panel. His body weakly fell along it.

Song Yunxuan heard no kicking noise, and then she said to Shao Xue, “I will have someone to unlock the door. Tell Luo Xi that he will see Mr. Luo.”

Shao Xue felt relieved a lot.

She hung up the phone and then said to Luo Xi, “Yunxuan said she would help you.”

“Help me go to my grandfather?” Luo Xi’s eyes sparkled with hope.

Shao Xue nodded. She continued, “She’ll have someone to unlock the door. You just have to wait.”

Luo Xi nodded.

Shao Xue sat by his side, waiting for someone to unlock the door.

After about twenty minutes, a maid twisted the door handle.

Then she gently unlocked the door, opened a crack, and said to the people inside, “Mr. Luo, Miss Shao? Manager Song sent me to help you. You can go out.”

Hearing this, Luo Xi pulled himself together and got up from the ground. Then he opened the door and rushed out.

Seeing Luo Xi leaving in hurry, Shao Xue hesitated when she was going to step out of the room.

Should she follow him to the hospital?

She couldn’t make up her mind, so she took out her mobile phone and gave Song Yunxuan another call.

Song Yunxuan was awake, waiting for Shao Xue’s call.

“Is the door open?” Song Yunxuan asked her.

Shao Xue answered, “Someone has opened it.”

“What about Luo Xi?”

“I can’t stop him. He rushed out.”

Song Yunxuan smiled, “He’s going to his family. You certainly can’t stop him.”

“But Shao Tianze asked me to watch Luo Xi. Will there be any consequence?”

“You just stay there. Don’t go with him.”

With Song Yunxuan’s words, Shao Xue was relieved.

“I shouldn’t have told Shao Tianze that Luo Xi wanted to see Mr. Luo.”

It was precisely why Shao Tianze shut them in this room.

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