Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 842 - Call The Police Before Filing The Cas

Chapter 842: Call The Police Before Filing The Case

“Deputy Commissioner Yao, your daughter sent a secret message to a boy from my school who always mixed around with gangsters. She told him to bring a bunch of gangsters to the hotel so that they could cause trouble for me.” She just started speaking but Ye Jian already saw the sudden change of expression on the two people who were trying to protect their daughter.

Ye Jian didn’t wait for Mother Yao to stop her. Her voice was as stern and cold as the winter wind. Her words were heavy and chilly. “Deputy Commissioner Yao, at that time in the principal’s office, you and your wife promised that you will definitely educate your daughter so that she will never create trouble for me again. She won’t do anything to target me or frame me.”

“You just made the promise before National Day but now, less than one month later, you have forgotten everything. You didn’t keep your daughter within bounds either! Deputy Commissioner Yao, you said that if Yao Jing creates trouble for me again, you will voluntarily transfer schools for her!”

“Now, I would like to ask if the promise made by a government official can be fulfilled on the spot!”

Her voice was fierce and her aura was domineering. It was like the huge wave splashing on the edge of the seashore. The faces of the Yao family changed from deathly white to bitterly cold. They couldn’t hide their anger.

Mother Yao, who wanted to hide what her daughter did in school from the Yang family, questioned Ye Jian in a shrill voice when she heard this, “Ye Jian, don’t think that just because you’re a daughter of a martyr, you can humiliate my daughter again and again! Even if you want to end this issue today, I will not give it up so easily!”

Her daughter kept suffering because of Ye Jian and Ye Jian even revealed the issue that they wanted to keep a secret. How could Mother Yao bear with it?

She pulled her daughter behind her to protect her and shrilled, “Jingjing, stand up properly for me! Ever since you were young, I have told you that we can admit defeat but we must never lower our heads! If someone bullies us, we will bully them back harshly!”

“Very good! Since you don’t want to end this nicely, I need to call the police and file a case first! You calculated against me and still wanted to pretend that nothing had happened. Yao Jing, I really want to see if you’re smarter, or is the police smarter!” There was no fear in Ye Jian’s expression as she faced Mother Yao. Every sentence and word she said made people jump in fright.

Call the police… What exactly happened? Why did she need to call the police?

Commissioner Yang realized that this was a huge matter so he said in a low voice, “Let’s go to the tea room and clear up what has happened. If we really call the police, Old Yao, it’s time for your assessment soon. Don’t embarrass yourself!”

If the things Ye Jian said made the Yao family extremely frightened, what Commissioner Yang said allowed the Yao family to suppress their flames of anger that were just getting ignited. Mother Yao gave off an overbearing aura and glared at Ye Jian viciously. She forced herself to speak. “Old Yang, no matter how huge the matter is, it’s still between the children. We shouldn’t alert the police because of it. Don’t get frightened by her.”

Would the Commissioner of the Transport Bureau get frightened by a young lady? Commissioner Yang sighed as he smiled and shook his head. Old Yao and his wife rose in ranks too quickly during the past few years. Their journey was too smooth so they got proud and started to lose their peace of mind. When they meet a little setback, they would start suppressing the other party using their power. If they continue like this, they will regret it one day.

“Old Yang is right. Let’s sit down and have a chat first. I like this child. She is a tactful child. I believe that she won’t make baseless accusations.” Mother Yang didn’t like adults that forced young people. When she saw Ye Jian facing the two adults from the Yao family alone, she sighed secretly in her heart and held Ye Jian’s hand softly. Then, she patted her hand and said seriously, “Don’t be afraid, everything can be solved. As long as you have evidence, nothing is difficult.”

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