Chapter 841: I Think You’re Nothing Much

When she saw how calm Ye Jian was as if she wasn’t afraid of what her daughter was saying, Mother Yao’s heart dropped a little.

Years of experience in the political world told her that if they continued the topic, it might be bad for her daughter. Since she had a hunch, she immediately said, “I don’t think it’s not a huge matter. It might just be an argument among the children.”

“Jingjing, why are you interfering with other people’s business when you don’t know what has happened? Your Auntie Song and Uncle Yang will know how to deal with it. Hurry up and say goodbye. We need to go home.”

In the past, they were embarrassed in school. This time, she wouldn’t let a child embarrass them in front of Huiying and her husband.

Mother Yao was still quite scared of Ye Jian.

For family matters, Deputy Commissioner Yao always listened to his wife. He received the hint and laughed as he patted Commissioner Yang’s shoulder. “Boys are more playful than girls. You should ask them properly about what happened. Jingjing was just concerned about Hengheng. She won’t speak carelessly. It’s getting late. We’ll go home first.”

“Deputy Commissioner Yao, this matter is related to Yao Jing. On the contrary, Yang Heng has nothing to do with it.” Ye Jian opened her mouth and spoke calmly. However, it was enough to cause a change of expression on all the faces of the Yao family.

Yao Jing stared at Ye Jian with daggers in her eyes. “What does it have to do with me? You were the one who asked Yang Heng and his friends out to fight for you. How can you still talk about this without feeling embarrassed?”

Yao Jing even knew that she went out for a fight. It looks like Luo Ran and his men appeared at the hotel not because they found out that she was here. It was Yao Jing who informed them about it.

She wasn’t afraid of this snake that would occasionally reveal her venomous fangs. However, it still affected her mood. Ye Jian squinted slightly and pretended to feel guilty as she shouted, “How do you know that we went out to fight?”

You’re only feeling guilty now? It’s too late! You provoked someone you shouldn’t! Don’t even think about having a good life in school!

“Why won’t I know? Just now, the senior brother called Wang Jin said everything!” Yao Jing smiled coldly. When she looked at Ye Jian, her gaze was filled with contempt. “Senior Brother Wang Jin said that they agreed to do it together but in the end, he was the only one who moved. He said that the rest of them were disloyal. Ye Jian, Wang Jin admitted it personally. Are you still trying to cover up the truth?”

“A girl actually instigated a few boys to fight for you. Do you have any sense of shame?”

She wasn’t just impolite. She didn’t even have the basic morals of a human!

Ye Jian’s gaze turned cold. She looked at Yao Jing and reprimanded her angrily, “A girl defaming another girl for her own selfish motives without any evidence. Yao Jing, you aren’t just shameless. You don’t even have the basic morals of a human!”

Most of the time, she always wore a small smile and a gentle expression when she interacted with other people. Hence, when she suddenly turned cold and serious, the force of presence she exuded even stunned the adults that were present. Her gentle and beautiful face suddenly turned stern and fierce. No one dared to look straight at her.

As someone who had carried guns on the battlefield, executed multiple missions, and cleared many enemies, the force of presence Ye Jian gave off wasn’t something a delicate young lady like Yao Jing could fight with. The moment she got reprimanded by Ye Jian, she took a few steps back and fell into the arms of her father.

Deputy Commissioner Yao was stunned too but when his daughter bumped into him, it caused him to regain his senses. He remembered the military unit supporting Ye Jian so he swallowed the words he wanted to say to help his daughter. After some time, he smiled coldly and said, “You have such a glib tongue that you’re bullying your schoolmate. I think that you’re nothing much! Jingjing, let’s leave!”

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