Chapter 840: You Must Never Block Her Path

Commissioner Yang still maintained his smile. At the start, his expression just lightened a little but now, it had turned entirely indifferent. He asked, “Come, Yao Jing, tell Uncle what happened exactly?”

“Uncle, I don’t know what happened but from what they said, I could tell that the boys got into a fight because of Ye Jian. I saw that one of the boys had injured his arm so I ran over because I was afraid that Yang Heng was hurt too.”

Yao Jing was smart. She didn’t state categorically that Ye Jian asked Yang Heng to go out and fight. When she saw the adults, she told them only what she saw when she came out.

She was saying that she saw everything but she didn’t know what happened. If she didn’t know, it meant that she couldn’t confirm her guess. If she was wrong, it was because she only saw what she saw.

Ye Jian smiled slightly when she heard Yao Jing. She really calculated all her moves. Whenever she met any trouble, the first thing she thought of was pushing people out and keeping herself clean.

She also loved to be two-faced. She would say something at first but when she met other people, her words would have another meaning in them. These kinds of people seemed to be good at networking but in actual fact, they lacked sincerity.

Sincerity was a fundamental character in humans. If they didn’t even have this basic characteristic, did it matter how good they were at speaking? Not everyone is stupid. They would be able to see through them.

Mother Yang started to dislike Yao Jing’s way of dealing with matters. The moment she spoke, she would pick at people’s mistakes. But, no matter how she disliked her, she was other people’s child. She wouldn’t care about her. The most she would do was remain indifferent.

She smiled and walked to Ye Jian’s side. She said in a kind tone, “Auntie has to apologize to you. Just now, I said something I shouldn’t during the banquet. I hope that you can forgive Auntie this time. Tomorrow, Auntie will prepare a good meal at home to apologize to you.”

Mother Yao’s gaze flickered a little when she saw her daughter being treated coldly. She glared at her husband secretly and then walked beside Yao Jing. She reprimanded her in a soft voice, “You should look at the situation before talking! Is your brain flooded? Hurry up and apologize to your Auntie Song!”

From the looks of it now, Huiying really treated Ye Jian differently!

Because of this, she mustn’t let her daughter appear rude in front of Huiying! She only had one precious daughter. She would only feel assured if her daughter marries into the Yang family because she knew the Yang family well and they were kind and generous people. They wouldn’t allow her daughter to suffer.

She mustn’t let Ye Jian block her daughter’s path!

“Auntie, I’m sorry. I was too anxious just now and spoke rashly without much thought. Please don’t be angry.” Yao Jing reacted very quickly, so quickly that she instantly realized she made a huge mistake. She immediately hugged Mother Yang’s arm and whined. “Auntie Song, you will forgive me, right? I was really too worried about Yang Heng.”

Mother Yang wouldn’t do anything to a child. She smiled and replied, “Yao Jing, Auntie is talking to Ye Jian. If you interrupt us like this, Ye Jian won’t be happy too. Be obedient and go back with your parents. It’s not early anymore. Rest early.”

Hearing this, Ye Jian quietly gave the suspicious Yang Heng a gaze to ask him to let Yao Jing stay temporarily.

“Mum, just now, Yao Jing said that I was in a fight because I stood up for Ye Jian. I haven’t asked her how she knew about it.” Even without Ye Jian’s reminder, Yang Heng would ask Yao Jing to stay back. She hadn’t answered his queries. How could she leave?

Ye Jian also said to Mother Yang, “Auntie, I’m not unhappy. We were talking about some things with Yao Jing a moment ago. If it’s convenient for you, you can listen to us. If not, you can go back to your room and take a rest. I promise that Yang Heng and I will not cause any troubles that will make you worry.”

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