Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 1405 - A Sincere Girl

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Chapter 1405: A Sincere Girl

He Jing was already speechless when she stood like that. She quickly passed the paper over and waited for Ye Jian to continue.

“Stick your middle finger gently on your pant seams. Half of the paper will be placed on your middle finger and the other half will be left outside. You need to hold the paper between your knees too. Keep your legs straight and tense.” Ye Jian demonstrated the entire process under the staircase lights. Ye Jian never hid things that were beneficial to the group. She told everyone what she knew. However, they could only rely on themself to improve their skill level after learning. She couldn’t control it.

It was also because of this selfless dedication that Ye Jian had always been popular among her classmates. She even tutored her classmates when she was in high school. She even led her roommates to enter top universities in the country. Even though Ye Jian left Provincial No.1 Middle School, her name could still be heard in Provincial No.1 Middle School.

Those classmates who had received her help in the past were still grateful to her. Every time she opened QQ, the first thing she heard was a series of beeping sounds. They were all messages from her high school classmates.

He Jing thought that Ye Jian would only tell her what to do. She didn’t expect Ye Jian to teach her so earnestly.

For a moment, she didn’t know what to feel. She felt ashamed of her despicable thoughts.

“You can’t drop the book. You can’t drop the paper between your fingers and thighs too.” Ye Jian placed the book on He Jing’s head and the paper on her hands and thighs. The last piece of paper… Ye Jian smiled and pointed at her knees. “Here’s the main point. You need to clamp a piece of paper here too.”

“Let me say this first. When the books and pieces of paper fall, we will add more time. Ten minutes at a time.” She bent down and placed the paper between He Jing’s knees. At the same time, she heard He Jing and… the faint sound of air sucking in.

This… this… this was too ruthless!

He Jing felt her knees hurting. “Ye Jian, don’t tell me this is how you train.”

“That’s how I train. My uncle is a retired soldier. He likes me to make me stand in military posture the most. I started standing in junior high… Classmate, why do you think I got the title of ‘model soldier’? It’s because I suffered before you.”

Everyone was enlightened! So that was the case! No wonder she was so powerful!

He Jing understood. The students who were eavesdropping on them understood too. Ye Jian patted He Jing’s knee after purposefully explaining. “Okay, just stand there. I’ll watch the time.” Then, she raised her head and said to the students who were eavesdropping, “You all understand, right? Stand together if you understand. Starting now, stand for half an hour.”

“D*mn, she seems to have noticed us?”

“I don’t think so. I’m even covering my nose while breathing.”

“She probably found out. If not, she wouldn’t have said ‘stand together if you understand’. She must have found out. Stop squatting. Why are you squatting? We’ve been discovered.”

Three seconds later, faint sounds came from upstairs. Then, Qian Yanjun said awkwardly, “Erm, ahem… We don’t mean anything. We just… want to learn too.”

In the morning, when the boys heard Ye Jian and He Jing’s conversation, they thought that as boys, how could they fall behind girls? After discussing, they decided to let Qian Yanjun and Song Zhiqiu take the lead to peek.

Everyone’s jaw dropped when they heard what Ye Jian said.

He Jing didn’t know that there were people upstairs. When she heard the voice, she lost her balance and the paper fell from her knee.

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