Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 1240 - The Demon King's Training Is Terrifying

Chapter 1240: The Demon King’s Training Is Terrifying

Topics on powerful countries, great powers, and weak countries always seemed a bit helpless. However, one couldn’t avoid it out of helplessness. One had to value it and solve it.

The navy commander patted the young major’s shoulder gently. There was a hint of gratification in his solemn expression. “With you guys around, I believe that all problems will not become problems.”

“By the way, do you know anything about the female soldier you sent over?”

The topic changed very quickly. Everyone already knew the result. They just sighed emotionally over it as a topic of conversation.

Xia Jinyuan smiled calmly. “I know her. She’s an outstanding female soldier. However, now that she’s training under the demon king, whether she’s outstanding or not needs to be judged by him. I can only say that Ye Jian is an outstanding female soldier in our team.”

Without confirming it immediately and only expressing his opinion, the smile on the commander’s face deepened. “You may sound polite but in fact, you are the same type as Demon King. You will definitely not easily say that a particular soldier is outstanding because your definition of ‘outstanding’ is rather high. Soldiers with good qualifications are only above ‘not bad’. They are still far from being outstanding.”

“Sorry, I made a fool of myself.” Xia Jinyuan didn’t deny nor confirm. He maintained his smile and walked out of the office straight like a pine tree with the navy commander. As night fell, the waves were endless. The few patrol boats docked at the port of the base were slightly shaking with the waves. A few navy sentinels who stood like white poplar trees were holding steel guns and guarding the borders of the country.

Xia Jinyuan, who was looking at the sea, heard the loud sounds of the waves, and his dark eyes narrowed.

Which vessel did they use to send her over such huge waves?

As he was thinking, a Marine Lieutenant Colonel walked over and saluted the commander. He handed over the folder in his hand and said, “The Seagull has stopped at the harbor. We are ready to depart.”

“Okay.” The Navy Commander who took the folder signed his name on the document used for the special battleship’s departure. He then said, “The new recruit is a soldier from the army. Let the soldiers on the ship take care of her. The waves are a little big and she might get seasick. Prepare some motion sickness pills for her first.”

Xia Jinyuan stood three steps away and looked away. He didn’t look at the document signed by the commander.

As the lieutenant colonel left, the commander smiled and said, “Ye Jian will leave in five minutes on a lightweight special warship. When she arrives, Li Jinnian will report it.”

A lightweight special warship was an indispensable warship in the navy. It could act in concert with coastal patrol vessels and hard-charged inflatable vessels. Once they detect any abnormalities on the surface of the sea, they could set off from the frontier base and perform surgical strikes on the target.

Ye Jian set off on the lightweight special warship. With the draft of the warship, she could completely ignore the huge waves.

The lightweight special warships could ignore the current waves, but the inflatable rubber boats could not. The soldiers sitting on the rubber boats looked at the vast sea. It would be a lie to say that they were not panicking.

“Rest first and preserve your strength. We’ll take turns changing shifts every three hours!”

“Check the ropes. Make sure the three rubber boats don’t separate when the waves hit. Those in front, check the ropes! Arrange for the personnel who will be changing shifts in three hours.”

“It’s only eight o’clock at night. Don’t be in a hurry to sleep. Bring your diving lights and go down to see if you can find any food. Otherwise, everyone will have to sleep hungry tonight.”

There was nothing to catch in the sea during the day, so they could only go down to the sea at night.

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