Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 1239 - Power of the Sea

Chapter 1239: Power of the Sea

The base was close to the sea. When the window of the Naval Commander’s office was opened, the sound of waves could be heard. There was an inexplicable sense of heroism and ambition in the sounds of the waves.

At 7: 30 pm, there were still a few strips of golden sunset at the edge of the sea. The sand by the sea was dyed gold as if yellow gold carpeted the ground.

Hearing the questioning voice of his subordinate from outside, the commander’s gaze dimmed a little. He laughed heartily and replied Xia Jinyuan, “That’s good. It’ll definitely be interesting if you two form a match.”

Seemingly convinced that it was feasible, the navy commander continued, “After Li Jinnian finishes his recruitment training, I will tell him to see if we can organize a match. Next year, our military will have a match against a Special Force Unit from the United States. If we conduct our own battle training…”

The bright voice gradually became low. The serious-looking navy commander was obviously considering the suggestion of the major general. “Does your major general have any plans or arrangements? Did he make the suggestion to the military?”

The battle between two special forces was not a small matter. They needed to first submit a report and wait for approval based on the actual situation. It could only be carried out after the highest-ranking officers of the two forces voted.

“Major General is very interested too. The autumn wind is refreshing from August to October. If you are interested, the major general can draft a report first.” Xia Jinyuan smiled as he listened to the navy commander. His actions were cold as a soldier’s. He continued, “Just like what you said, next year, there will be a match between our military and the American special forces. The American forces are always strong. Since our military is going overseas to fight the enemy, we can’t embarrass our country.”

Ye Jian had already left with the soldiers arranged by the navy. After collecting the equipment, they would set off ten minutes later. Xia Jinyuan, who couldn’t hear her voice at all, didn’t change his expression. He said calmly, “If you have the same intention, we can try our best to arrange for a competition before October.”

The whistle signaling for assembly at the seaside reached the office through the open window. The Navy, who had completed the day’s training, gathered and organized themselves. They stood in a phalanx formation at the speed of a storm. The imposing orderly calling of numbers followed closely. The seabirds that landed on the reefs flapped their wings and flew to the sea.

The navy commander looked out the window with a solemn expression. After a while, he replied, “You’re right. We can’t embarrass the country if we go. Since it’s possible that you and Li Jinnian will be leading the battle, you two should develop a tacit understanding.”

“The major general has the same thoughts as you. Hence, we want to hold a competition before October. We will train each other at the end of the year.” Xia Jinyuan’s voice became lower. As they talked, they mentioned a 20th-century high-tech war led by the United States that started in Spring and ended in Summer.

“That battle was a large-scale air attack on the Southern Alliance for 78 days with a predominance in air power and high-tech weapons. Although the air force was the main force, the army also played a crucial role in that battle.”

“Devastation, destruction, assassination… Several national leaders of the Southern Alliance were killed. At the same time, they cut off all the electricity and communication in the Southern Alliance and quickly established a communication base with the airbase.”

“It’s not hard to see the strength of the Americans from that. We can learn from the experience when we go there.”

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