Reborn at Boot Camp: General Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 1098 - Something Big Happened

Chapter 1098: Something Big Happened

“Huh? Jian came back within the time I went out to buy some rice wine.” Principal Chen’s happy laughter could be heard from the unlocked door. “Jian, accompany your Grandpa Gen and me for a drink today. Let’s have a reunion!”

Ever since Ye Jian graduated from junior high, they never had a reunion during the Spring Festival. In the past, there was training during the Lunar month all the way until the day before school started. From the start of the year to the end of the year, training took up most of her time in the past four years. School became complementary instead.

The rice wine was sweet-smelling and the dishes were fragrant. Tonight, Ye Jian smiled the most and it was her happiest day too. To put it in a way that would upset Major Xia, she felt happier now as compared to dating him.

Ye Jian didn’t drink much. She didn’t even have 50 grams of wine before the two elders persuaded her to rest early. 22 consecutive days of training was considered high-intensity training in every single unit. She needed to rest early.

Her emotions fluctuated like a rollercoaster after she came back and she drank a little wine. She also talked to the two closest people to her for two hours so Ye Jian was very happy. Naturally, she was obedient and went to bed after she washed up.

After she slept, Principal Chen poured a glass of warm rice wine for Uncle Gen. After toasting, he said, “From what I see, let’s temporarily withhold on what you wanted to say. Why don’t we wait until the university entrance examination is over?”

“The university entrance examination is very near. Let her finish it peacefully. The military is waiting for her good results too so that she can officially step on the military path. Old Gen, I’m afraid that something will happen at this crucial moment.”

It wasn’t worth it to affect Ye Jian’s university entrance examination with those stupid issues in her family!

Uncle Gen took a sip of the wine and gave a long sigh. “That old lady from the Ye family is going crazy. She doted on her son-in-law so much that she allowed him to do anything he wanted. I’m afraid that he will make trouble for her in school and Jian will be caught off guard.”

“That Grandma Ye is indeed a little inappropriate. Also, I don’t understand why her son-in-law wanted you to help them to ask Ye Jian for a meeting? That night, I heard Grandma Ye talking about a piece of jade. I feel that it might have a huge relationship with Ye Jian.”

“Also, there’s something I wanted to ask you that night. Since you know that Sun Yaozu is a criminal, why didn’t you contact the police directly? Why did you hide him until now? He’s become a huge scourge now.”

When Principal Chen went to fetch Uncle Gen to the provincial city, he met Grandma Ye, his son-in-law, and her daughter that night. They came in arrogantly. He wanted to stop them but Uncle Gen persuaded him to go back to the room. For Ye Jian’s sake, he mustn’t come out.

He didn’t come out but he heard many things. One was about the ‘jade’ and the other was that Sun Yaozu’s wanted status was cleared!

After he asked his questions, the living room turned silent immediately. After a long time, Uncle Gen finally replied, “It’s hard to explain everything in a few sentences. However, I regretted not calling the police.”

“As for the piece of jade, Jian knows about it. It is her mother’s item but I persuaded her to not take back this piece of disaster.”

Principal Chen’s hand stopped in mid-air as he was grabbing the peanuts. “You’re making me confused. Since Sun Xueqing is a martyr and it’s her item, why is it a piece of disaster?”

“After she got this piece of jade, she put it in a little box. Now, she’s gone and turned into ashes.” Once he mentioned Ye Jian’s mother, Uncle Gen’s face turned extremely serious. “She mentioned to me in the past that if she sacrificed one day, it probably will have something to do with the jade.”

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