Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 1018 - Compete With Me? What Right Do You Have?

Chapter 1018: Compete With Me? What Right Do You Have?

Yao Jing was more ruthless and vicious than Ye Ying. Her plan was more long-term too!

“I’ll apologize. I will apologize to you now.” Yang Heng’s expression tensed up when he saw Yao Jing lifting her leg again even though he knew that she wouldn’t jump. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said those words. I shouldn’t have avoided you in school.”

It was impossible to hear the sincerity in an apology that was forced.

Yao Jing didn’t need sincerity. She just wanted to hear what she wanted to hear. Hence, after Yang Heng apologized, she turned to Ye Jian and said in a low voice, “Did you see that? In the end, he still gives in to me. Ye Jian, don’t think about snatching Yang Heng from me. That is impossible!”

“Now, it’s your turn. You made me suffer so much that I have to stand on the roof for such a long time. How are you going to apologize to me?”

“How do you want me to apologize?” Ye Jian asked her back calmly.

“It’s simple. You will stand for as long as I stood!” Yao Jing’s tone was eerie. “You made me suffer but I will only ask you to stand here for as long as I stood. Then, everything between us will be cleared. You mustn’t interact with Yang Heng in the future and I won’t cause trouble for you too. How about that?”

She spoke in a soft voice and there was a sinister smile on her face. Yang Heng heard her clearly and immediately became vigilant. “Yao Jing, what do you want?”

“I don’t want anything. This is between Ye Jian and me! Why, are you afraid that I will do something bad? You can hold onto Ye Jian then!” Yao Jing turned her head. She looked at the vigilance in his eyes as well as the concern he had towards Ye Jian. A malicious intent flashed past her gaze. “This is my way of dealing with it. If you dare to disobey me, I will destroy your futures!”

She glanced below quickly. People wearing uniforms were already setting up the jump cushion.

Yao Jing gritted her teeth and shifted her gaze back to Ye Jian. “Ye Jian, you don’t have a choice. I will count to three. If you don’t come up… I will jump! Ye Jian, you are forcing me to jump!”

She suddenly shouted as though she was really threatened by Ye Jian until she had no path of retreat. It felt as though she could only jump to solve everything.

Mother Yao turned crazy instantly. Her voice was hoarse as she cried and kicked up a fuss. “Ye Jian, you’re forcing my daughter to her death. I’ll fight you! I’ll fight you!”

“Calm the parents down and let them rest at the side.” Principal Cao’s face was as cold as ice. The entire family was allowing Yao Jing to have her way. Her parents were largely responsible for what happened today!

He only moved his gaze away for a moment but the teacher that was coaxing the students in front suddenly shouted in a shrill voice, “Ye Jian, what are you doing?”

Ye Jian was climbing onto the roof. She smiled as she accepted Yao Jing’s challenge.

She pushed her hands against the ground and slowly straightened her back. While she was doing this, she twined the silver wire in her hand around the reinforcing bar. She smiled and squinted at Yao Jing. “You stood for around half an hour so I will stand for half an hour too.”

“Yes, you need to stand for half an hour too…” Yao Jing gave a small smile. The viciousness covering her eyes was like a thick miasma, Evilness could be felt obviously. “Ye Jian, you made me suffer so much. Do you think half an hour… is enough?”

Her body suddenly swayed towards the edge of the roof. Then, she hurriedly stabilized herself. The moment she moved, the teachers’ hearts scrunched up tightly. Ye Jian was there too so Mrs. Tong’s body tensed up.

Yao Jing from Grade Eleven Class Six. What did she want to do?

Yao Jing didn’t frame Ye Jian loudly like Ye Ying. Instead, she whispered, “Trying to snatch Yang Heng from me? What right do you have?”

Then, she suddenly leaned towards Ye Jian and screamed loudly as though she was in fright… Her hands swung in the air and she pushed Ye Jian…

“Ye Jian!”


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