Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress - Chapter 1962 - Queen, I Wish You Two a Blissful Life!

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Chapter 1962: Queen, I Wish You Two a Blissful Life!

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Just as Wen Xinya was concentrating on revising the designs of the wedding outfits and accessories, news of her pregnancy and wedding preparations was reported by the media.

According to an insider, Wen Xinya had already gotten a marriage certificate a long time ago. In the eyes of the law, they were already legally married. They hadn’t carried out the wedding yet as she was overly exhausted from her pregnancy and suffered from poor health.

A great furor ensued when news of this broke out!

Everyone knew that Wen Xinya’s earlier engagement to the mysterious boss of the Jiayuan Club, Ninth Si. That grand engagement ceremony was still fresh in many people’s minds.

So many years had passed, but she and Ninth Si remained deeply in love. Ninth Si kept a low profile and seldom appeared before the press or in public. Even if the media tried their best, it was extremely difficult to dig out any news about him. In fact, the press was rather intimidated by his mystery and so didn’t dare to probe too far.

Meanwhile, Wen Xinya had been a media target ever since she returned to the Wen Family. And after the takeover battle, the Wen Corporation crisis, and the unveiling of Lanxin Company’s boss, the media spotlight shone even more brightly on her.

Now that these two were suddenly getting married, it was not entirely unexpected, but the media and public couldn’t help feeling shocked. That was why there was such a major reaction once news got out.

“I heard the Queen is getting married. I feel so sad, my heart is broken!”

“My Goddess is finally getting married, but the groom is not me. This is a tragic story.”

“Queen, dominate the world and expand your harem!”

“Dominate the world and expand your harem!+1”

“Dominate the world and expand your harem!+10,086”

“The union between a Male God and a Queen, isn’t this going against nature?”

“These two are truly compatible. The Queen is too dazzling and her aura too unique. Only someone as formidable as Ninth Si is able to match up to her.”

“After spending nine years studying and four years researching to get his Ph.D., the Male God has finally successfully gotten his graduation certificate. I fully support him.”

“I fully support him!+1”

“I fully support him!+12”

“The Queen is finally getting married. After their long romance, these two are finally going to reap the fruits of their courtship. Congratulations, Queen. Congratulations, Male God. I wish that the two of you remain loving forever and bear children soon.”

“Congratulations, Queen. Over the past 13 years, your relationship has survived all possible trials and tribulations. Your romance has endured the cruel test of time to produce a love that’s more precious and durable than gold.”

“He will hold your hand and grow old with you. Till death do you two apart!”

“Queen, I wish you two a blissful life!”

Si Yiyan was flipping through the plan for their wedding. Over half of the preparation work had already been completed, and all that remained were the details.

Chinese weddings were extremely complicated. The professional team they hired did know a lot about the practices and rites required for a Chinese wedding, and they had a deep understanding of Chinese wedding culture. However, Si Siyan had very strict criteria. In order to guarantee that the wedding would be held within his timeline, he had invested quite a bit of time and effort into it.

“Ninth Young Master, the wedding planners are asking when will the wedding outfits and accessories be ready?”

Ninth Young Master had been working very hard for this wedding. There were many things that he insisted on personally seeing to, and as his bodyguard and personal assistant, Gu Yuehan was also kept very busy.

“Tell them to follow my request to accelerate the timeline for the wedding preparations and complete the arrangements within a month. As for the wedding outfits and accessories, there is no need for them to worry about it.”

Xinya had yet to complete the designs, so they had no choice but to delay the wedding outfits and accessories.

He already had several professional seamstresses and a famous jewelry master lined up, in his best efforts to ensure that the wedding would not be delayed.


Gu Yuehan knew that Ninth Young Master and Sis-in-law’s wedding outfits and accessories would be designed by Sis-in-law. As a result, they would be a little more pressed for time in that area.

“Is there anything else?” Si Yiyan asked without even lifting his head.

Gu Yuehan said, “Yes, regarding Xia Ruya!”

Since Xia Ruya escaped from Capital city, they had been tracking her every move. They were slowly forcing her to a dead end.

Si Yiyan placed the plans onto the table and raised his brows slightly. “What about her?”

After Xia Ruya killed Wei Che and fled Capital city, he had personally planned a vicious ending for her. Thereafter, he didn’t pay much attention to the matter.

If he was not wrong, Xia Ruya should be in Canada now, living a desolate and wretched life out on the streets.

He planned to have that proud, greedy, and vain Xia Ruya beaten right down to the ground. For the rest of her life, he wanted her to experience all the suffering that Xinya had endured when she led a wandering life. He wanted her to lose all hope and never ever get the chance to make a comeback.

“After Xia Ruya fled to Canada, her circumstances have led to her falling off her pedestal.” Actually, he just received news that Xia Ruya had already started working as a hostess at a bar, but he didn’t explicitly say it out.

“Really? How surprising!” His mild voice carried a trace of sarcasm.

He was actually not at all surprised at Xia Ruya’s situation.

He might not have been entirely responsible for her current state, but he had done quite a bit to push things in that direction.

Xia Ruya had entered Canada illegally and didn’t possess a lawful status. She didn’t have a powerful background or any financial resources. Not only was she an illegal immigrant, but she also had a murder charge over her head. She had no choice but to work illegally if she wished to survive.

But she was a woman and used to be a wealthy heiress who had never done a hard day’s work before. As a result, there was only one possible route for her. She could either be a street hooker or a hostess at a bar. Two different-sounding names, but the same type of job nonetheless.

However, Si Yiyan was slightly surprised that Xia Ruya took to this path so quickly.

Gu Yuehan said, “Our original plan…”

Ninth Young Master never intended to let Xia Ruya off.

Sis-in-law was pregnant, so this matter had been passed to Ninth Young Master.

Ninth Young Master was not as lenient as Sis-in-law. With him taking over matters, there was no way Xia Ruya could escape unscathed.

“We will postpone it for the moment. Just keep a close eye on her.”

Xia Ruya was a smart person. Given her personality, no matter how far she fell, she would definitely not give up and would never just be a sitting duck. Xia Ruya was able to kill Wei Che even while under his threat, it could be seen just how vicious she could be.

Both Xinya and Xia Ruya clearly showed him to never underestimate a woman!

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