Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress - Chapter 1961 - You’re the Truly Formidable One

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Chapter 1961: You’re the Truly Formidable One

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The smile on Si Yiyan’s face deepened. “The earliest Han weddings were full-scale grand affairs and the basis for the current style of weddings in China. Through time, the ceremonies and practices became more polished and refined.”

Wen Xinya listened very seriously.

“The Pre-Qin Dynasty was more simple, while the Han Dynasty was more lavish. These two wedding styles continued into the Tang Dynasty. Your wedding dress design encompasses the unique characteristics of those two periods. It’s perfect.”

“As for accessories, the Pre-Qin Dynasty veered toward more elegant designs, while the Han Dynasty’s were more elaborate.”

Si Yiyan gave a detailed account of the information regarding this topic.

His explanation was also rather comprehensive, including his own understanding of the dynasties, as well as their influence toward clothing and design. This information was something that she couldn’t find amongst all the research material she had scoured through.

Concise and easy to understand!

“As there was not enough understanding of the cultural meaning behind this, more adjustments need to be made. The clothing and jewelry of both the Pre-Qin and Han Dynasties were greatly influenced by Confucianism and Mohism, and every single item had its own unique spirit and meaning.”

Confucianism was deeply ingrained in the Pre-Qin Dynasty. Although by the time the Qin Dynasty arrived and the Emperor suppressed all forms of non-Legalist philosophies, traces of Confucian thoughts continued to influence the entire nation. In fact, Confucianism continued to threaten the Emperor’s power, and together with Mohism, these two led the eventual destruction of the great Qin Dynasty.

So, when the Han Dynasty arrived, the people’s respect for Confucianism and Mohism deepened even further.

“So, you see, this detail here cannot be like that…” Wen Xinya felt greatly inspired. She took up her pencil and started to make amendments to the draft.

During this period, she had binged on a lot of information about clothing and jewelry in the Han Dynasty, but she had just swallowed everything wholesale, without truly understanding much.

After Si Yiyan’s explanation, the blurry mess of information inside her head started to gel better and take shape.

As Si Yiyan taught her about the cultures, he would also express his personal views and opinions now and then. His clear and concise narration triggered her design inspirations.

An hour passed…

Two hours passed…

Over a dozen completely refreshed designs were produced.

But if one looked closely, it could be seen that the foundations of the revised designs were still based on the prior workings.

“The drafts have undergone their first revision. I will be able to finalize all the designs in about three days’ time. These will definitely be my most perfect creations.”

Wen Xinya looked up, eyes shining brightly. Their sparkling glow was as beautiful as the Milky Way against the summer night sky.

As for the outfit and accessories for their wedding, she had invested a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. These designs encompassed the deep love she felt for Si Yiyan, the beautiful hope she had toward their future life, as well as the great anticipation she had toward the wedding.

Although she was satisfied with the earlier designs, she had still found them not perfect enough. She had felt rather woeful that her grand Chinese wedding would not be as perfect as she imagined.

However, Si Yiyan had helped to fill that big hole in her heart.

“Baby, you’re truly great!”

Si Yiyan looked at her face, with its brilliant smile and sparkling eyes, as shiny as the morning dew waiting to welcome the first rays of the sun. It was a moving sight.

“Yan, you’re so capable and know so much!” Wen Xinya looked at Si Yiyan with admiration.

Apart from her Grampy, Si Yiyan was the only man she had ever met in her life who held so much knowledge.

Smart and capable beyond bounds.

The only reason she could have accomplished so much in jewelry design was because of Si Yiyan’s help, even more so than Teacher Ji and Teacher Gu.

His knowledge was deep and wide-spanning, and he had his own unique take on everything. She was inspired by him every single time.

Although he had no training in jewelry or clothing design, he had read a lot on this subject, even more than she did. As a result, he could always offer her quite a lot of suggestions.

He had a unique taste and precise judgment and could always offer her a lot of advice regarding her designs. He added much depth to her design studies.

“You’re the truly formidable one.”

Talent was especially important for a career in design.

Actually, he couldn’t offer that much help. How much she could understand and incorporate was solely dependent on her own talent and ability to understand.

Xinya was a very perceptive designer, who was able to infer many things after understanding just one part of it.

“I won’t interrupt your work anymore.”

Wen Xinya gathered up her drafts and prepared to leave, only to find herself somehow sitting back in his lap. He slotted his arms under her armpits and pulled her intimately into his chest.

“I won’t work anymore. I want to accompany you!”

Si Yiyan kissed her. It was clear he had no intention of letting her leave.

Her eyes glittered longingly as she glanced at her drafts. It was also clear that she wished to continue working.

Wen Xinya felt a bit disappointed, but thinking of how busy he had been preparing for the wedding and how little time they had spent together during this period, she couldn’t help feeling somewhat conflicted.

“You have already been working non-stop for the past two hours revising your designs. Take a rest first and continue amending later.”

Inspiration to a designer was like food for the soul.

However, she had been working for so long that her body wouldn’t be able to take it. Not only was fatigue bad for the body, but it would also drain one’s inspiration.

Wen Xinya’s eye lit up as she asked tentatively, “So… I’ll rest for an hour?”

She had promised Si Yiyan before that she wouldn’t work more than four hours daily. By her calculations, she had already worked over four hours today.

“Okay!” Si Yiyan nodded.

Wen Xinya was so happy that she nearly cheered out loud.

“But…” Si Yiyan added. “You can only work for another hour after that.

Actually, he didn’t even want to give her that extra hour.

But this girl was so immersed in the thought of amending her draft that if he didn’t let her continue, he surmised that she would still be thinking about it even when resting. By then, there was no way she would be able to have a good rest.

“Alright, then!”

Wen Xinya’s smile immediately withdrew as she pouted unhappily at him. But the thought of being able to continue working had her agreeing in resignation.

On second thought, although work was important, the most crucial thing now was to stay healthy for the baby. She couldn’t afford to be careless at all. After working for so long today, she was indeed a bit tired.

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