Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing - Chapter 391 - Lu Xuanran’s Ending (7)

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Her eyes flickered.

It was so brutal.

Lu Manman pursed her lips as her cell phone rang.

She looked at the caller ID and picked it up. "Dad."

"Are you in the company now?"


"Come with me to the hospital."

"What's wrong?"

"Your grandfather said that he's paralyzed. He just received a call from the doctor."

Lu Manman furrowed her brows.

"I'll go to the hospital from the villa. Come over quickly."


Lu Manman put down her things.

It was easy for old people to experience a stroke and lose their bodily functions.

Lu Manman had never thought of making Lu Qinzheng like this. It was just like how she had never thought of making Lu Xuanran into a vegetative state. But most of the time, she had learned to be cold and to look at people who harbored evil intentions towards her.

She casually picked up her bag and gave Zhang Cui some instructions before taking Qin Ao's car to the private hospital in the city center.

She walked towards Lu Qinzheng's ward.

Her father had arrived early.

In the ward, Lu Qinzheng was throwing a tantrum. He might not have expected to be unable to get up overnight.

Lu Manman stopped at the entrance.

When Lu Qinzheng saw her, his expression darkened. "What are you doing here?! Get lost!"

His voice was loud and his temper was bad.

Lu Manman did not move forward. She looked at Lu Qinzheng and said, "I'm not the one who offended you!"

"I just don't like you! Lu Manman!" Lu Qinzheng growled. There was no reason. He just didn't like her.

Lu Manman found it funny. Was this what a grandfather should say to his granddaughter?!

"I agree. I don't like you either." Lu Manman smiled.

Lu Qinzheng's expression darkened.

"I'm here because my father asked me to come and see you. Since you don't like me coming to see you, I feel that I've done something unnecessary and unappreciative," Lu Manman said. "Take care."

"Lu Manman, stop right there!"

Lu Manman felt like she would be a fool to stand there and let him scold her!

The Lu family would never know who to vent their anger on.

Lu Zishan did not stop her when she left.

He probably knew that there was nothing good about her being here.

He had just wanted Manman to visit his father, but he had not expected his father to be so unreasonable.

He increasingly felt that all his filial piety over the years was useless!

Lu Manman stopped in the corridor.

Wen Yun appeared with a fruit basket.

The more she did not want to meet her enemies, the more often they appeared.

Wen Yun looked at her expression as if he was watching a joke. "What's wrong? Were you chased out by your grandfather? Lu Manman, why are you so unpopular?"

Lu Manman glared at him.

"No wonder I never liked you from the start. You're really annoying," Wen Yun said slowly.

His tone was spiteful.

Lu Manman listened to Wen Yun's words and watched as he smiled deviously.

How could Wen Yun be so smug now?!

Who was that man back then, the man who had whispered sweet nothings into her ear?!

How could a person's face be so disgusting!

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