Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing - Chapter 390 - Lu Xuanran’s Ending (6)

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She took a deep breath and said, "Mo Yuanxiu, I want to use my hands to kill Wen Yun!"

He was still looking at her.

Seeing the change in her emotions, he did not comfort her or explain.

He placed a hand on her face and smiled. "Good luck then."

It was just three words.

She pursed her lips.

He let go of her cheek and returned to his room.

Lu Manman turned around and headed to her room.

She lay down heavily on the huge bed.

In this lifetime, she had seen through a lot of people and learned a lot of things, but she still could not control the trajectory of her life…

The following morning.

Lu Manman went to work.

Lu Zishan had stayed the night with Lu Qinzheng and did not appear at the company today.

Lu Manman was focused on her work. No matter what, the marketing campaign was imminent, and she had to rely on it to be legitimate in the company.

Someone knocked on the door.

Lu Manman did not even look up. "Come in."

"Director Lu," Zhang Cui said respectfully. "There's been some progress in the Industry and Commerce Administration, and the traitor in our company has been caught. The truth is out."

Lu Manman looked up. "What's the details?"

"The planning director of Klan Corporation couldn't stand the pressure he had been under recently and finally came forward to testify. He said that the company's spy was Lu Xuanran, who had gotten into a car accident. He said that Lu Xuanran had approached him to give him the plan and that his objective was to suppress your status in the company so that you wouldn't be able to complete the promotion of 5% to 8% of the market. The director over there provided Lu Xuanran with the trading records as well as the USB drive," Zhang Cui said slowly. "The Trade and Commerce Bureau has already transferred the evidence to the Public Security Bureau to handle the economic crime. Now, the truth is out. Who would have known that everything was your cousin's doing? And now, your cousin has been in such a serious car accident…"

"There's no evidence." Lu Manman narrowed her eyes.

"Does Director Lu suspect that Lu Xuanran is behind this?"

"It's him." Of course she knew it was him.

She just wanted to lure Wen Yun out and expose him, but she had failed.

Lu Xuanran had gotten into a car accident yesterday, and the marketing and planning director of Klan Corporation had turned himself in today. Of course, she wouldn't believe that this was a coincidence. Wen Yun was smart enough to know that he wouldn't be able to get away with this if the investigation went on. Moreover, Wen Yun was a smart person, so he wouldn't have stepped into the muddy water during the transaction. He would have gotten Lu Xuanran to contact the other party directly, and he could have just led the way. If something happened, he could avoid the trouble…

With that thought in mind, she smiled sarcastically.

She said, "Okay, I understand. Go ahead with your stuff."

"Yes." Zhang Cui left respectfully.

Lu Manman put down her work, suddenly in no mood to do anything else.

She turned her chair around and tried to calm herself down.

Wen Yun was really good at thinking for himself. Whenever he threatened her interests, he would always be able to cut the Gordian knot so quickly. She did not want to think about how the marketing and planning director of Klan Corporation could admit all of this so easily. With Wen Yun's capabilities, it was not difficult for him to get one or two people to threaten him. Instead, she just felt a little oppressed. This was the first time she and Wen Yun had taken the initiative to fight.. She had to admit that she had underestimated his cruelty.

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