Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing - Chapter 337 - Since You Love Me So Much (5)

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Chapter 337: Since You Love Me So Much (5)

“Gu Xin!” Gu Zhengying could not hold it in anymore and raised his voice. “Can’t you listen to Dad this once?!”

“I can listen to whatever you say, but you can’t interfere in our marriage. This is my lifetime happiness, and I don’t want anyone to interfere!” Gu Xin screamed at her father.

“So you want to go to jail, right?!” Gu Zhengying said as his body trembled, and his eyes went a little red. “Di Hong said directly last night that if you don’t agree to Di An’s request, he’ll send you to jail! Gu Xin, negligence can also be counted as murder! Mistakes can also be sentenced. Do you want Dad to watch you go to jail?!”

“So what if I go to jail!” Gu Xin ignored her father’s agitation and was on the verge of a mental breakdown. “The more you force me, the more you won’t get what you want! I won’t do whatever Di An wants. I hate him to the core now! I really regret knowing Di An in this lifetime!”

With that, she started crying.

She was sobbing so hard as if she had not expected to face this.

Gu Zhengying felt terrible as well. He had been standing there but suddenly sat down on the couch as if trying to adjust his emotions.

Gu Xin stood there and cried like a child to vent her anger.

Lu Manman looked at the father and daughter and sighed.

Gu Xin should be glad that she had such a good father.

Although her parents were nice to her, she had to admit that Gu Zhengying doted on Gu Xin like a princess.

In the stiff living room.

Gu Zhengying looked at his sobbing daughter, and the upset expression on her face made Lu Manman feel that Gu Xin really did not understand her father sometimes.

“Xiao Xin.” Gu Zhengying’s voice was gentle.

Gu Xin looked at her father, still crying.

“Your mother passed away when you were eight. From that day onward, I lost the woman I loved the most,” Gu Zhengying said. His eyes were really red as he spoke, and although there were no tears coming out, he looked terrible. “I even wanted to collapse, but because of you, I held on. I remembered that I had such a lively and adorable daughter. Your mother held my hand when she was about to die and said, “Zhengying, you have to take good care of our daughter, Xiao Xin. Don’t let her suffer, and let her grow up happily.”

Gu Xin suddenly stopped crying and looked at her father.

She had always thought that her father did not have so many emotions. In her heart, her father would always play with her no matter how tired he was. He would laugh and let her prank him. For example, she would deliberately remove his beard when he was asleep and then suddenly pinch his nose to prevent him from breathing. In those moments, no matter how playful she was, he would smile and never scold her.

She did not have motherly love, and the memories from before she turned eight were not too deep. But she had never felt that she lacked something in the quiet world of her family.

She bit her lip and looked at her father.

He seemed to have white hair at his temples.

She actually did not dare or even want to admit that her father was already at a certain age.

She had always thought that her father was still the same father who could hold her up in the air to play games and that he was still so strong.

“So many years have passed. Dad has seen you grow up, and you’re going to get married one day,” Gu Zhengying said as he choked on his sobs. “You have no idea how I felt when you excitedly told me that Di Yi had proposed to you.”

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