Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing - Chapter 336 - Since You Love Me So Much (4)

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Chapter 336: Since You Love Me So Much (4)

This was how Gu Xin was spoiled.

“Do you have to see me now?” Gu Xin was unhappy.

“Yes, Dad is very anxious now.”

Gu Xin was still hesitating.

Lu Manman took her cell phone. “Uncle Gu, it’s me. I’ll take Gu Xin home right now.”

“Manman, thank you. You’re the one who makes things easier for the adults. Gu Xin isn’t as sensible as you,” Gu Zhengying said sincerely.

“There will be a day when she becomes sensible,” Lu Manman said.

Everyone would mature after going through a series of events.

After hanging up, Lu Manman said to Gu Xin, “Let’s go to your place first.”

“Why are you so annoying now?” Gu Xin pouted.

“Now you find me annoying?!” Lu Manman rolled her eyes. “Enough. Let’s go back to your place first.”

Gu Xin left with Lu Manman reluctantly.

In the huge living room, Mo Yuanxiu watched their backs as they left.

Lu Manman was indeed not so strict with everyone. She actually cared so much about someone!

Qin Ao drove Lu Manman and Gu Xin back to the Gu family’s villa.

Lu Manman was very familiar with the Gu family’s villa. They had been close since they were young, and they practically played together at home.

The two of them entered the living room.

Gu Zhengying was waiting for them in the living room, looking anxious.

Gu Xin’s mother had died when she was eight. Back then, Gu Xin had cried her eyes out, and everyone thought that she would be sad for a long time. But they could not help but sigh at her lack of emotions. In less than half a year, Gu Xin had returned to being the lively and smart girl she used to be. And because Gu Xin’s mother had suddenly passed away, Gu Zhengying had doted on Gu Xin even more. He had practically given her what she wanted. No matter what Gu Xin did, Gu Zhengying would not scold her. Instead, he doted on her so much that others could not bear to watch on. This proved that a loving parent spoils the child. All Gu Xin could do was gossip and shop.

But it was precisely because of her simple living environment that her character had become simpler. She was living in a fairy tale and had not been tainted by this vile society.

“Dad, why are you looking for me?” Gu Xin asked unhappily as she sat down on the couch.

Lu Manman sat with Gu Xin, appearing much more well-behaved.

Gu Zhengying greeted Lu Manman and then turned to Gu Xin. “Xiao Xin, I discussed Di An with your Uncle Di last night until dawn. I thought a lot about it when I got back. Now that Di An has become like this because of you, he won’t be able to lead a good life for the rest of his life. We can’t be too selfish. We watched Di An grow up, and he’s your good friend. Why don’t you marry him?”

“Dad, how did you end up like this?!” Gu Xin jumped up from the couch. “Are you trying to force me now?! If I told you to marry a woman you don’t love, what would you do?! Why don’t you consider my feelings?! I know I’ve let Di An down, making him blind now. But I didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t know that I would push him into a car accident!”

“But Di An became like this because of you.” Gu Zhengying tried his best to persuade her in a gentle tone.

Gu Xin was losing control of her temper. “It’s useless no matter what you say. If I say I won’t marry Di An, I won’t!”

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