Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing - Chapter 284 - Mo Yuanxiu Is Important in Interlocking Stratagems (9)

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Chapter 284: Mo Yuanxiu Is Important in Interlocking Stratagems (9)

Deng Yu was a little embarrassed.

“According to the current trends in celebrities and reality shows, there’ll be a resonance with ordinary marketing activities, especially since many of the factory’s employees are in their twenties. They come from all over the world and usually have very little entertainment. To have such a large-scale reality competition all of a sudden, they must be very motivated to participate,” Lu Manman said. “So according to this idea, I’ll increase your budget by thirty percent. Manager Deng, it shouldn’t be difficult to get you to do it!”

“Thirty percent?”

“Is it not enough?”

“No, it’s enough. I’ll do better,” Deng Yu hurriedly said. “I won’t disappoint you.”

“This event isn’t just targeting this factory. We’re targeting the entire industrial park. Of course, more importantly, we want to improve our Lu Firm’s brand. Hence, I think we need to find an ambassador,” Lu Manman said.

“Don’t we have a spokesperson?” Zuo Hua, the other manager, hurriedly asked.

“Of course I know,” Lu Manman said. “But I think we can change her.”

“Jiang Xiaolian is alright, right? Her image is so positive, and there aren’t any negative effects. She’s still quite popular now,” Zuo Hua asked.

“It’s just that she’s getting on in years, and there’s nothing new about her. I want to find someone younger this time,” Lu Manman said to the two central managers. “We can make use of this event. If we invite celebrities to participate in this event, won’t it be easier with half the effort?”

“Of course,” the two managers hurriedly said. They really admired Lu Manman’s idea.

“Secretary Zhang.” Lu Manman turned around. “Go to the General Department and ask for a list of the currently popular celebrities.”

“Yes,” Zhang Cui said.

“Manager Deng will be in charge of the planning, and Manager Zuo will be in charge of the implementation.”


“Managers, hurry up. Once the construction of the base station is completed, the marketing will be carried out at the same time. We can’t delay it.”

“Yes, Director Lu.”

“Meeting adjourned.”

Lu Manman left the meeting room.

Back in the office, Lu Manman was arranging some work matters and calculating. She still had time. Zhang Cui knocked on the door and entered. “Director Lu, I’ve already sent you all the information you wanted through OA.”

“Mm-hm.” Lu Manman nodded.

“I just went to the General Department to get something and happened to bump into your cousin.”


“Nothing much. I just wanted to report to you. I feel like your cousin has some animosity toward you,” Zhang Cui said.

“Alright, I see.” Lu Manman nodded.

Zhang Cui left respectfully.

Lu Manman narrowed her eyes. Lu Xuanran was so concerned about her every move, so of course he had something against her.

Lu Qinzheng knew that she had promised to increase the market performance by five percent to eight percent. If he did not stop her from developing at this point, it would be hard to find a better opportunity next time, right?!

Very well.

She was actually setting Lu Qinzheng up as well.

Her father could tolerate Lu Qinzheng framing him previously, but it would not be so easy to forgive him this time, right!

In fact, she had set up more than one trap.

The Art of War was called a series of schemes!

She turned around, and there came another knock on the door.

“Come in.”

“Director Lu, the board of directors wants you to go up for a meeting,” Zhang Cui said.

“Alright.” Lu Manman was very calm.

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