Reborn Aristocrat: Oppressing - Chapter 283 - Mo Yuanxiu Is Important in Interlocked Stratagems (8)

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Chapter 283: Mo Yuanxiu Is Important in Interlocked Stratagems (8)

“Yes, I am,” he said. “I would feel even better in bed.”

Lu Manman glared at him.

Mo Yuanxiu let go of her and turned around to return to the bed. He then put the bottle of pills in the drawer and said, “Perhaps I really have to use this.”

Lu Manman rolled her eyes at him.

She felt like this man was teasing her again.

“Good night, Miss Lu,” he said.

Lu Manman turned around. She felt that this man was really childish sometimes.

How childish.

She left Mo Yuanxiu’s room angrily and returned to her bedroom before lying on the huge bed.

Her face went red.

She remembered Mo Yuanxiu’s kiss just now…

Her cell phone rang.

She looked at her cell phone, which she had casually thrown aside.

“Does it really feel good?” Gu Xin asked.

Lu Manman gritted her teeth and replied, “Sleep well.”

“I can’t sleep. I’m burning up.”

“Go take a cold shower.”


Lu Manman threw her cell phone aside.

She suddenly jumped out of bed, took a shower, and…

She took a cold shower.

She was actually not cooling down her body. Women would not have such intense physical reactions from men. She was just cooling down her heart.

The following morning.

Lu Manman got out of bed with two huge dark eye circles.

She had not slept well last night.

Very bad.

Lu Manman walked to the glass room outside the living room, where Mo Yuanxiu was still having his breakfast. Seeing her appear, he said calmly, “You don’t look like you slept well.”

“I slept well,” Lu Manman said word for word.

He smiled.

Wang Zhong placed the breakfast before her and left respectfully.

“I called my father in the morning. He’ll meet Liu Quanzhong for dinner tonight. If you have time, it’s better if you come along.”

“Alright, I’ll make time,” Lu Manman said. With that, she looked at Mo Yuanxiu’s calm expression. “Thank you.”

“Mm-hm.” He nodded without much emotion.

After breakfast, she left.

Mo Yuanxiu waited for his civil servant results. He seemed to have a lot of free time recently.

Lu Manman sat in Qin Ao’s car all the way to the Lu Firm building and entered her office.

Zhang Cui followed.

“Secretary Zhang.” Lu Manman sat down and said, “Get the two central managers of the planning department to have a meeting in half an hour.”


“Get them to prepare their marketing drafts.”


She turned on her computer and got to work.

Half an hour later, she appeared in the small conference room.

The two central managers in the meeting room were sitting with her, and Zhang Cui was in charge of recording.

“I’ve seen your marketing plan. To be honest, it’s a little reserved and not as bold,” Lu Manman said.

The two central managers were silent.

“You’re too calculative about the costs and losses,” Lu Manman said directly. “Was Lu Firm like this in the past?”

“Director Zhang is more concerned about his income, so he wants us to control the cost when we do the marketing plan,” a central manager, Deng Yu, said.

“This time, we’ll increase the cost. We don’t need to control it,” Lu Manman said. “In your proposal, I saw something about doing a large-scale entertainment activity. I think this is a good idea, but the scale is too low.

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