Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief - Chapter 2483 - Personally Raised (3)

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Chapter 2483: Personally Raised (3)

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Ever since Chen Feng had gone to the capital for his studies, Qiao Zijin had gotten few chances to meet her son. Although Qiao Zijin had been proud that her son had gotten the opportunity to study abroad, she was heartbroken at the same time. Wouldn’t that mean that she wouldn’t be able to meet her son for a long time?

Even though her son hadn’t been able to return during the summer vacation while he was studying in the capital, he would always return during the winter vacation to spend time with her.

But she couldn’t possibly ask her son to rush back from abroad just to spend time with her during the new year period.

It hadn’t been easy on her, and she had finally waited until the day her son returned. But not only had she not been able to meet her son immediately, but she had even seen her son tag alongside Qiao Nan like her grandson, catering to Qiao Nan’s needs. That infuriated her.

Seeing how well Chen Feng treated Qiao Nan, Qiao Zijin saw a glimpse of Chen Jun in Chen Feng.

When Chen Jun had been dating Qiao Nan, he had been just as considerate toward her, taking care of her every need. But once she became Chen Jun’s wife, he underwent a complete transformation, never caring about her.

They were all like that. Even her son was like that! Qiao Zijin’s expression twisted into an ugly one.

She didn’t understand why her father, her husband, and even her son didn’t like her but were closer to Qiao Nan!

At that moment, Qiao Zijin had the urge to rush up to Chen Feng and question him about whom he felt was his mother.

Fortunately, Qiao Zijin had resisted that urge.

It was good to have self-awareness, and thankfully, Qiao Zijin had grown to have a little after all this time.

She knew that she was Chen Feng’s biological mother, and she had given birth to Chen Feng. But there were so many women in the world. She wasn’t the only one who could give birth to children.

She had seen a perfect example of this with Ding Jiayi and Qiao Nan.

She couldn’t expect Chen Feng to keep providing her with things and demand that he listened to her and fulfill her desires when she had done nothing for him except giving birth to him.

Apart from giving birth to Chen Feng, she had never done anything for him. Even her son’s living allowance and school fees were either from the inheritance that the Chen family had left to Chen Feng or from his own pockets.

Of course, Qiao Zijin had the ability to give Chen Feng money if she wanted to, but she couldn’t bear to do so.


Qiao Zijin was still hoping that Chen Feng would use the Chen family’s money to support her. So, there was no way she would ever use her measly one million yuan on Chen Feng. From what she saw, one million wouldn’t even be enough for Chen Feng.

Since it was insufficient, and Chen Feng had money in his own pockets, she had better keep the money for herself.

Only if she was living well would Chen Feng rest assured and not need to worry about her while he was studying abroad.

After finding herself a lot of excuses, Qiao Zijin decided that she wouldn’t spend a single cent of her money on Chen Feng.

At the thought of this, Qiao Zijin no longer dared to demand anything of Chen Feng. She was afraid that her relationship with her son would become one like the relationship between Qiao Nan and Ding Jiayi.

If that were the case, what was the point of having a son like Chen Feng?

If not for the fact that Chen Feng was attending Qiao Dongliang’s funeral, Qiao Zijin probably wouldn’t have attended it either. She didn’t want to have to face the gazes of others, just like how her own mother was glaring at her as though she was an enemy.

When her father had still been alive, her mom had often angered her dad too. Besides, her dad had died a natural death, not because of an illness, much less because he had been angered. Why was her mom looking at her in this way?

Qiao Zijin was particularly upset about that.

But no matter how annoyed she was, she couldn’t do anything because they were at Qiao Dongliang’s funeral. All she could do was to remain silent and wait for a suitable opportunity to talk to Chen Feng privately.

Chen Feng had already graduated, and based on their previous agreement, Chen Feng should have returned to Ping Cheng to get a job so that he could support her.

Up until now, Chen Feng seemed to have no intention of doing so. That was why she had to get a sense of when Chen Feng would return and what kind of job he intended to get.

In order to let her son return to her side to support her in her old age, Qiao Zijin had already thought it through. She had not made any effort in finding herself a job, but she was prepared to help Chen Feng get a job through some connections.

As long as her son was willing to return, her hard work meant nothing to her.

“Feng Feng, come over. Mom has something to ask you.”

Qiao Zijin had finally found a chance to pull Chen Feng to the side, causing Chen Feng to frown. “What’s the matter, Mom?”

Chen Feng was highly displeased that Qiao Zijin hadn’t even shed a single tear, nor shown any sign of sadness throughout the funeral.

Chen Feng knew that his mom hadn’t even cried when his father had died. In fact, she had probably rejoiced that his father was finally dead.

Chen Feng was helpless in the face of such a heartless mother. How had his mother grown up?

The strangest thing was that his auntie, who was his mother’s younger sister, was nothing like her!

Could it be that his grandparents had been right? The biggest culprit who had caused his mother to turn out in this way was his grandmother, who was currently wailing and sobbing outside?

“When are you returning to Ping Cheng? Have you thought about what job you’re going to get? If you have any plans, you can tell me. I’ll help take a look around so that you’ll have choices to choose from when you’re back.”

Qiao Zijin said that with confidence.

Chen Feng had attended one of the best schools in the country and had even gone abroad to study. He had returned in glory.

It was only right for her brilliant son to be able to pick and choose the company he wanted to work for.

Actually, Chen Feng had already guessed what Qiao Zijin was going to say before she had even spoken. But Chen Feng couldn’t answer Qiao Zijin during such an occasion.

Because of his grandparents and father, he had intended to return to Ping Cheng.

After his father had left, he had called his grandparents to seek their opinions. The elderly couple planned to return to Ping Cheng since that was their hometown, after all.

But they didn’t agree with Chen Feng being cooped up in such a small city like Ping Cheng for their sakes, ruining his career progression in the future when he had such great opportunities in the capital.

They were all too clear about how hard they had tried to settle the Chen family in the capital in the past to no avail.

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