Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief - Chapter 2481 - Personally Raised (1)

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Chapter 2481: Personally Raised (1)

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Jiajia truly disliked her future mother-in-law, Qiao Zijin. Even though she had been dating Chen Feng for a few years, Jiajia had never once intended on visiting Qiao Zijin.

From Zhai Hua’s description, Jiajia had already gotten a clear idea of the kind of person Qiao Zijin was.

It could be said that Qiao Nan was the person Jiajia liked most apart from her mother, Zhai Hua.

Knowing that Qiao Zijin had bullied her favorite auntie endlessly in the past, Jiajia couldn’t bring herself to like her future mother-in-law, much less address her as ‘mom’.

But Jiajia hadn’t broken up with Chen Feng just because of Qiao Zijin.

The person she liked was Chen Feng, and the one she would marry was also Chen Feng, not Qiao Zijin. As such, before Chen Feng did anything wrong, there was no reason for her to give up on the person she liked just because of a person she hated.

Chen Feng was rather grateful for Jiajia’s rationality.

It was fate that had brought them together.

Chen Feng and Jiajia were both crazy over their younger siblings and doted on them. In this aspect, they resembled each other.

Most importantly, Chen Feng had been raised by Qiao Nan. He was a positive, warm, and upright child.

Besides, Chen Feng was intelligent and had good grades. He had even become Jiajia’s junior in school. Of course, because of the Zhai family, Chen Feng had gotten even more interactions with Jiajia.

Jiajia was Zhai Hua and Wei De’s daughter, after all. As compared to a weak and studious nerd, Jiajia preferred men with toned and muscular bodies, although not those of bodybuilders.

In that way, the toned Chen Feng with abs stood out amongst the boys who were no stronger than females in their school.

Of course, Jiajia couldn’t deny that because of how obsessed she was with her younger siblings, the only male she had constant interaction with was Chen Feng. She knew no other males with better bodies, and neither was she willing to interact with them.

They were both young and unmarried, and she was pretty while he was handsome. It was impossible for them not to have developed feelings for each other over time.

But unlike Jiajia’s enthusiasm, Chen Feng was rather timid. He remembered just how much Jiajia had hated him the first time they had met. Jiajia had only grown to show him a little kindness afterward because of their younger siblings and aunt.

As such, Chen Feng had never dared to confess his feelings to Jiajia because he had no idea whether Jiajia liked him too. He was afraid that he would be rejected and wouldn’t even get the chance to meet Jiajia in the future if he were to confess.

Jiajia was a girl and had her own convictions too. It was better for boys to confess first. That was why she had held it in all along.

They had already developed feelings for each other while they were still in China, but they had remained nothing more than friends even until their exchange abroad.

Because of those feelings, both of them had chosen the same school without any discussion.

Jiajia had done it on purpose, but Chen Feng had thought that his careful plans had succeeded and was joyful that they could still be schoolmates.

While living abroad, Jiajia and Chen Feng had shared an apartment in order to take care of each other.

Initially, Zhai Hua had disagreed.

She disliked Qiao Zijin as well as Qiao Zijin’s son, Chen Feng.

It wasn’t appropriate for a single man and a single woman to be living together. What if Qiao Zijin’s son took advantage of her daughter?

Of course, she wanted her daughter to get married so that she would become a grandmother. But if that person was Chen Feng, Zhai Hua would never allow it.

The thought of becoming in-laws with Qiao Zijin disgusted her.

Initially, when Qiao Nan had first married Zhai Sheng and settled down in the capital, Qiao Zijin had tried to enter the southern quad and tried to address her as ‘elder sister’, even asking her for countless favors.

Zhai Hua had never forgotten just how shameless Qiao Zijin had been at that time.

Ever since Jiajia started having feelings for Chen Feng, Zhai Hua’s impression of those memories deepened.

When she was young, Zhai Hua had never listened to her parents. Like mother, like daughter. Jiajia was no different.

So what if Zhai Hua disagreed? She was already far away from her mother. Besides, both she and Chen Feng were overseas and living together while her mother was still in China. If her mother was so capable, she could simply fly abroad and keep a close eye on her so that she wouldn’t be able to rent an apartment with Chen Feng.

So why had Zhai Hua finally given in?

Because she was her mother!

Jiajia was different from Chen Feng. After Zhai Hua’s divorce, she had led a comfortable life. This meant that Jiajia was no different from Zhai Hua. The food she whipped up could probably poison herself.

But Chen Feng was different.

Qiao Zijin was unreliable. As such, even though Chen Feng was a man, he had to rely on himself most of the time.

Although Chen Feng’s culinary skills were not fantastic, they were much better in comparison to Jiajia’s deathly cuisine.

Most students abroad weren’t used to western cuisine and still preferred their own Chinese cuisine.

Jiajia didn’t like eating western cuisine but didn’t know how to cook either. If she didn’t get a roommate who knew how to whip up Chinese dishes, she would either die of starvation or develop gastric problems.

Who had raised such a pampered child?

There was only one answer. Zhai Hua had personally raised her.

As compared to her own preferences, it was obvious that her daughter’s health mattered much more.

Since ancient times, children had always won in battles against their parents.

The moment Zhai Hua gave in, Jiajia and Chen Feng went from being roommates to cohabitating.

Chen Feng was handsome. It wasn’t just Chinese girls who thought so. Even foreigners thought so too.

Chen Feng was tall, and even amongst foreign men, he didn’t appear short. Besides, he was well-built and attractive to women.

Both of them hadn’t even been overseas for a month before Chen Feng started receiving confessions.

Children abroad lived freely. It was common to see students dating in high school, let alone university. Besides, once they started dating, they would engage in all sorts of intimate activities.

Even if they couldn’t be in a proper relationship, having a one-night stand was alright too as long as they were interested in each other.

There were many who confessed to Chen Feng, even asking him out for a one-night stand.. Jiajia had even witnessed these confessions, making her fly into a fury.

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