Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief - Chapter 1891 - Unaffected

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Chapter 1891: Unaffected

If anyone else in the Zhai family apart from Zhai Sheng did not mean that, they would definitely have found a better solution. How could they have let an unmarried woman like Qiao Nan sleep in Zhai Sheng’s room considering he was unmarried as well? If the Zhai family did not mean that, what else could they possibly mean?

As Jiajia hugged Zhai Hua’s arm to sleep, she could not help but murmur, “Mom, when can I call Auntie Qiao my auntie?” This was too draggy. Her classmates were all rather decisive and straightforward when dating. If one party confessed and the other accepted, they would get together. If the other party rejected, then that was it. If they accepted each other, they would be holding hands the next day, calling each other ‘husband’ and ‘wife’.

Zhai Hua rolled her eyes. “Although your uncle has been married once, it’s the first time I’m seeing your uncle acting so romantic.” There were some things better left unsaid in front of her daughter since she was still young. As a married woman with a child, Zhai Hua could tell that Zhai Sheng looked at Qiao Nan even more enthusiastically than before.

Like today, Zhai Sheng had looked at Qiao Nan so warmly that it seemed as though he could not wait to swallow Qiao Nan whole. She did not know about other men, but she was clear about her brother, Zhai Sheng.

Men loved because of sex, while women had sex beacause of love. Zhai Sheng was different. Zhai Sheng saw love and sex as the same thing. It was because of love that he had the impulse to have sex. Since Zhai Sheng lusted for Qiao Nan, it was proof that Zhai Sheng’s feelings for Qiao Nan had reached a certain point.

Her younger brother was not a loose person. Otherwise, Zhai Sheng would not have been able to stop himself from touching Qiu Chenxi during their three years of marriage.

At that time, the couple had gotten a divorce rapidly because of Qiu Chenxi’s affair. At that time, no one had mentioned how Zhai Sheng had never touched Qiu Chenxi in their three years of marriage. This meant that not only had Qiu Chenxi gotten into an affair, but her first time had also not been with her husband, Zhai Sheng!

Because of this, the Qiu family and the Shi family had been rather down-to-earth about the separation. Old Master Shi did not even dare to use his deceased master’s name, Shi Peng, to accuse Zhai Sheng or prevent Zhai Sheng from getting a divorce.

“Don’t worry. You’ll definitely have an auntie before the year ends.” Based on how passionate Zhai Sheng was, he would probably go berserk trying to hold it in any longer. For the sake of his own ‘happiness’, they could no longer wait, much less Zhai Sheng himself. As such, Zhai Hua was not at all worried about Zhai Sheng and Qiao Nan.

She had realized through this matter with Wei De that Qiao Nan was much calmer and more rational than she was. But everyone had their own weaknesses. Qiao Nan’s were the Qiao family and Zhai Sheng.

“Mom, do you think Auntie Qiao likes my uncle?” There was no question that her uncle liked Auntie Qiao, but she could not be sure whether Auntie Qiao liked her uncle. Her uncle was such an outstanding man. If Auntie Qiao had feelings for him, she should have made a move, right? Besides, the ages of the two of them added to more than eighty!

Zhai Hua yawned. “Your Auntie Qiao’s IQ toward someone whom she doesn’t like is around 110.”

“Just like an average American student’s.” She had heard about this before and knew about it too. “Then, how about toward someone she likes?”

“I should say that your Auntie Qiao’s IQ toward people she has feelings for is 250.” Zhai Hua’s had been 250 while she had been studying, so Jiajia did not understand what Zhai Hua meant in that moment. “So-so high? That’s extraordinary!” She was a genius!

Zhai Hua cackled. “What do you mean by two hundred and fifty? I meant that she’s a fool! It’s a homophone!” Qiao Nan was almost turning forty and had just left that bunch of blood-sucking devils that was the Qiao family with her own money to lead her own life. That was more than enough to prove how foolish she was.

“I’m sure she has feelings for your uncle. Do you know why Qiao Nan stayed in your uncle’s house for the new year?”


“Qiao Nan’s ex-boyfriend came back, wanting to reconcile with her and even get married with her. Qiao Nan refused and directly asked for help to punch that guy and get rid of him. She didn’t even hesitate.”

Jiajia’s eyes twinkled. Did that mean that her uncle had a love rival?

“Then, look again at how Qiao Nan treats your uncle. Why do you think that Qiao Nan interfered in my matters and told me that something was wrong with your dad’s relationship with Wei Wei? Think about it again. It’s true that you’re a child, but why would she treat you so well and care so much about you? Actually, Qiao Nan is quite intelligent. She knows that it’ll be easier for her to get together with your uncle if she wins his family over first. But talking about that, I’m quite pleased with the effort she’s made.”

If Wei De had made such great effort at that time, she would never have gotten into such a huge fight with her family—one that lasted over a decade—and neither would she have had so many regrets.

Perhaps, from this alone, she could tell that Wei De’s love for her was nowhere near as sincere as Qiao Nan’s love for Zhai Sheng before she had gotten married to him, or even in the ten years of marriage to him.

Qiao Nan knew to take good care of her and Jiajia.

Jiajia’s lips moved but she remained silent. She did not agree with her mom’s thoughts. She did not think that Auntie Qiao was treating her well for her uncle’s sake. Humph! That was purely her mom’s thoughts. She felt that Auntie Qiao treated her well purely because of who she was. It was definitely not because of her uncle!

The young lady threw a temper and unhappily turned her back to her birth mother. In less than three minutes, she fell asleep. Even though such a huge matter had happened today, Jiajia felt assured and peaceful enough to fall asleep with her biological mother by her side.

Hearing her daughter’s deep breaths, Zhai Hua sighed and caressed her daughter’s head. It was already considered not bad that she and Jiajia could fall asleep tonight. Today had been an arduously long day for Zhai Hua, as though an entire year had passed.

Thankfully, Zhai Hua did not feel too miserable with her daughter by her side. Hearing her daughter’s familiar breathing, Zhai Hua subconsciously fell asleep too. When she woke up, she felt her daughter leaning against her. The sun rays were bursting through the windows, and the birds outside were chirping incessantly.

The earth was still rotating and life had to go on. All that had happened was that she had met a bast*rd and that she would be getting a divorce. That was no big deal. At least, even after she had gotten divorced from Wei De, there would still be so many people supporting her by her side.

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