Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief - Chapter 1751 - Too Busy

Chapter 1751: Too Busy

Qiao Nan transformed back into that softhearted and weak-willed person she had been in the past before her car accident. Her voice was as warm and polite as it had been before, but there was a tinge of aggressiveness in her words.

In the face of a younger daughter like that, Qiao Dongliang was at a complete loss. However, he had no choice but to answer Qiao Nan. “No, I don’t think so.” Qiao Dongliang could not deny this. After being in-laws with the Chen family for more than a decade, would he not know how prideful the Chen family was? Even if it was him, he would never have been able to accept his wife cheating on him, let alone Chen Jun, who had such a high status.

Chen Jun would never agree to it, and the Chen family would never soften their hearts toward Zijin.

She had been caught right in the act with that man. Would they still give his elder daughter a second chance? That was totally impossible!

Qiao Nan twitched her lips. “Dad, I think you and I are the only rational ones in our family. I don’t want to talk about how Mom treats Zijin, but I can rest easy now that you’ve said that. I can’t be blamed for Qiao Zijin’s divorce from Chen Jun. At the very most, if news spreads, then everyone can be a judge and they can tell us whether I should be blamed for Qiao Zijin’s divorce, or whether it’s truly her own fault. We’ll see if I’m the shameless one, or whether she deserves it. Dad, I’m hungry. Please bring more porridge for me tomorrow.”

Now, she could only lie on the bed and think about the new life she wanted for herself. The first step to cutting all ties with the Qiao family so that she would no longer be controlled by them was to recover and get well.

“Ah, all right. I’ll bring more for you tomorrow.” There was something in Qiao Nan’s tone that made Qiao Dongliang feel as though there was something off about Qiao Nan’s words. Her assessment of Qiao Zijin was especially harsh. Ever since Qiao Nan woke up, he had not heard his younger daughter address his elder daughter as ‘elder sister’. She had simply addressed her by her name. “Nan Nan, are you angry at Zijin? The two of you are biological…”

“Dad, it’s only natural to get sleepy after filling your stomach. I want to rest. If you have anything else to say, let’s talk about it another time.” Qiao Nan was genuinely sleepy. Of course, neither did she want to listen to Qiao Dongliang lecture her about how ‘sisters were once in a lifetime’.

After being cut off by Qiao Nan, Qiao Dongliang naturally had no way of continuing. Qiao Dongliang quickly stood up and covered Qiao Nan with a thin blanket. “It’s cold in the hospital. Don’t catch a cold. Don’t kick the blanket away. If you’re sleepy, have a good rest. That way, you’ll recover faster.”

“Thanks, Dad.” Yes. In her current situation, she could only sleep. But the moment she could get up and walk around, that would be the beginning of her new life.

Qiao Nan had already done her own calculations but had not shown any sign of injustice in front of Qiao Dongliang. A dream was a dream, and reality was reality. If she could be hospitalized because of Qiao Zijin and Ding Jiayi the first time, it was entirely possible that a second time could happen. Thankfully, she had not died this time and had even had a beautiful dream. The next time, she might just be sent into the crematorium and be burned to ash!

Fortunately, the nurse in charge of taking care of Qiao Nan was really a good person and had told Qiao Nan all about what had taken place in the three days that Qiao Nan had been in a coma.

After her car accident, Qiao Nan had been sent into the operation theatre for an emergency operation. At that time, Ding Jiayi had wanted to take the hundred thousand yuan for Qiao Zijin. Ding Jiayi felt that Qiao Nan had been knocked down by someone else. Thus, it was only right for that driver to bear all of Qiao Nan’s medical expenses.

Not only would that driver have to pay for Qiao Nan’s medical expenses, but he would also have to compensate Qiao Nan for whatever she would lose mentally and physically.

In short, that driver should not even think about shirking any responsibilities.

There was no doubt that Ding Jiayi wanted to extort a huge sum of money from that driver. Of course, that had nothing to do with Qiao Nan who was still lying in the operating theatre. She would only go to such lengths for her daughter, Qiao Zijin. The driver had never intended to shirk any responsibility either. As long as Qiao Nan could be saved, he would personally discuss with her the terms of compensation. He would agree to whatever demands she made as long as they were not too excessive. After all, he had been the one who had knocked her down.

In the three days that Qiao Nan had been comatose, there had been no one accompanying her because Ding Jiayi had been too ‘busy’.

Before Qiao Nan’s accident, Ding Jiayi spent most of her day by Qiao Zijin’s side, feeling sorry that Qiao Zijin had gotten divorced and gotten such a grave disease at such a young age. She would even sob alongside Qiao Zijin. After Qiao Nan’s accident, Qiao Zijin expressed that she no longer needed someone to stay by her side. Instead, she instructed Ding Jiayi to settle the more ‘important’ matters. It was fine with her.

All of a sudden, both his daughters had been hospitalized, and both their conditions did not look optimistic. Qiao Dongliang was genuinely busy. Since Ding Jiayi was busy arguing with the driver over their compensation, the responsibility of running around and taking care of their daughters fell squarely on Qiao Dongliang’s shoulders.

“Nurse, can you give me that person’s mobile number? I want to speak to him personally.”

“Of course!” Not only did the nurse give the driver’s number to Qiao Nan, but she even handed her phone over. Nowadays, everyone used smartphones. Only Qiao Nan alone still used an old-fashioned phone because it was simply cheaper. The phone that had been with Qiao Nan for the past five years had been smashed in the car accident.

Only upon contacting the driver did Qiao Nan find out that the driver was willing to compensate her for the hundred thousand yuan she had spent on her surgery. Moreover, the driver was even willing to give her an extra hundred thousand yuan of compensation.

In other words, the driver was willing to fork out two hundred thousand yuan to take responsibility for this accident.

But Ding Jiayi had disagreed and had even asked for the sky by demanding a compensation of five hundred thousand yuan! Ding Jiayi explained that her daughter, Qiao Nan, was truly a money-making machine. Apart from her full-time job, Qiao Nan also held two part-time jobs. Such a serious car accident could result in Qiao Nan not being able to work as per normal for at least a year or two!

Given Qiao Nan’s abilities, she could earn up to twenty to thirty thousand yuan in a month. In just a year, she would earn three hundred and sixty thousand yuan. And that was just counting her basic salary! If you added her hospitalization bills and all the tonics and medications she would require after being discharged, that would amount to at least a hundred and forty thousand yuan. Together, that would make up five hundred thousand yuan. She would not give in on this matter.

Because of this, the driver had been infuriated. His attitude had already been good enough. Neither had he said that two hundred thousand yuan was the most that he was willing to give. There was always room for discussion. But Ding Jiayi had been too vicious by immediately demanding five hundred thousand yuan! What did she mean by working two to three part-time jobs and earning twenty to thirty thousand yuan in a month?

Based on those calculations, that young lady whom he knocked down would have to work for at least twenty hours every day! Was she human? Even oxen did not work as hard as this girl did!

He did not completely believe the other party’s words. Such an intense work schedule would be alright only once in a while.

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