Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief - Chapter 1679 - A Marvel

Chapter 1679: A Marvel

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In her entire life, the most painful thing for her was that she had not been able to attend Qiao Zijin’s funeral as her mother. She had not even been able to see Qiao Zijin for the last time. “In my whole life, the one whom I’ve loved the most was your mom. I even loved your mom more than myself. I’m sure your mom understood how I felt and would not want me to be too upset.”

Zhou Xing laughed. “Hehehe. Is that so? My mom’s filial piety to you was indeed exceptional. When other people pass away, what they want is for their closest kin to be there to send them off. I’m sure that my mom’s love for you had surpassed that of a human’s! Grandma, I think your relationship with my mom was too amazing…”

“…” Ding Jiayi hesitated for a while because she had not been able to confirm in that moment whether whatever the granddaughter, whom she had raised, had said was just on a surface level, or whether there was more to her words.

Zhou Xing took a deep breath. “Alright. I’ve already gotten a good understanding of everything. I won’t make such foolish mistakes in the future.” She had only committed those foolish acts because she had not known the truth of the matter.

Thankfully, she was young and had been deceived by her grandmother. Even in front of Qiao Nan, she could use this as an excuse for her behavior. It was because she had been misguided at such a young age that she had misunderstood her younger aunt, Qiao Nan. To put it bluntly, she was a victim too!

But then again, whether her mom had done it deliberately, her mom had died in Qiao Nan’s hands after all. Qiao Nan was her younger aunt and had even caused her to become a child without a mom. Qiao Nan should be taking more care of her to make up for all the love that she had lost out on all these years.

As for Ding Jiayi’s misguidance in the past, Zhou Xing had no intention to pursue it. She would always remember that it was her paternal grandparents who had given in to her and had allowed her to continue living blissfully like a princess after her mom’s death. After her paternal grandparents passed away, her birth father had been like an evil wolf. When he was about to snatch everything away from her, it was her maternal grandma, Ding Jiayi, who had bravely stood up for her and stayed by her side. It was Ding Jiayi who had shielded her from all those bullies and had even helped her avoid losses because of her paternal grandparents’ wills.

All these years, Ding Jiayi had been Zhou Xing’s guardian and had been taking care of all of Zhou Xing’s assets before she came of age. Truthfully, as soon as all these assets came into Ding Jiayi’s hands, Ding Jiayi could not wait to hand them over to Zhou Xing and let Zhou Xing manage them herself.

Even though Zhou Xing was only thirteen years old at that time, Ding Jiayi told Zhou Xing that Zhou Xing reminded her of Qiao Zijin. Even though she was young, she was very sensible. While other children had the bad habit of spending their money carelessly at the age of thirteen, she believed that Zhou Xing would definitely be able to manage her money well and not splurge unnecessarily.

Just based on this alone, Zhou Xing believed that Ding Jiayi’s care and love toward her was not mixed with hidden agendas like money. Considering Ding Jiayi was the only one left who loved her and had stayed by her side all this time, it was understandable for Zhou Xing to be lenient to Ding Jiayi.

“So have you broken up with Zhai Xin?” Ding Jiayi breathed a sigh of relief when her granddaughter stopped with her questions. After all, lies could not withstand scrutiny, so Ding Jiayi was afraid that her lies would come back to bite her if Zhou Xing were to continue with her questions. Zhou Xing treated Ding Jiayi as her only loved one, and Ding Jiayi’s feelings for Zhou Xing were even deeper. She could not imagine or accept losing Zhou Xing. How would she live without Zhou Xing?

“Of course not!” Zhou Xing said with a nasty tone. “Grandma, why don’t you have higher expectations of me? I haven’t broken up with Zhai Xin, and I don’t plan on doing so! Even though Qiao Nan didn’t really have anything to do with my mom’s death, and Qiao Nan did not do it on purpose, Zhai Xin’s conditions are too good. I’m not so foolish as to give up on my own happiness just because of Qiao Nan.” Besides Zhai Xin, where was she going to find another boyfriend who was the son of a chief?

Nothing was more real than her happiness for the rest of her life.

“…” Ding Jiayi was on the verge of tears. Why was Xingxing being so stubborn? “Didn’t you say that Qiao Nan already knows that you’re Zijin’s daughter? You’re cousins with Zhai Xin. The law won’t allow it, and neither will Qiao Nan. Will Zhai Xin still be willing to stay with you now that he knows you’re his cousin?”

This was no television drama!

Zhou Xing was unconvinced. “What do you know, grandma? My family register is nothing much. As long as the Zhai family is willing, this is nothing but a small problem. Hadn’t Zhai Xin agreed to be my boyfriend initially and hadn’t we started dating afterward? I believe that Zhai Xin will accept me again. As for Qiao Nan, once Zhai Xin accepts me, what can Qiao Nan do? Qiao Nan may have her hands in everything, but do you think she’ll be able to control whom her son dates and gets married to? Even if Zhai Xin is so obedient to Qiao Nan, I’m sure I’m capable of changing Zhai Xin so that he’ll only listen to me in the future.”

It was just that this path would not be an easy one, and this task would be an extremely arduous one.

If Zhou Xing was prepared to walk through this dark tunnel, there was nothing Ding Jiayi could do. The only thing she was thankful for was that Qiao Nan already knew about the truth of the matter. If the Zhai family already knew about the matter but was still unable to stop Zhai Xin from being with Xingxing, then no matter how angry the Zhai family got, they could only blame themselves for not properly disciplining their son. The Zhai family would probably feel too ashamed to go after Xingxing.

Zhai Xin now wondered if everyone, including Zhou Xing and Ding Jiayi, thought of him as an immoral person. By this time, Zhai Xin had already taken his third bath and was resting in his room.

Seeing Zhai Xin in this state, Zhai Yi frowned. “Nothing even happened between you and Zhou Xing. If you continue taking more baths, you can’t blame anyone for thinking that something did actually happen between you and Zhou Xing.” He was no young lady, and neither had Zhou Xing forced herself on Zhai Xin. So why was he taking so many baths?

Zhai Xin walked over with his hair still dripping wet. “I feel so unlucky! I really wonder how Mom managed to live with such a person for more than ten years when she was young. I’ve only known Zhou Xing for two months, but I feel as though I’ve used up all my bad luck on her. Is she a nutcase?”

Thinking about how the two of them were cousins, Zhai Xin only felt that he had been so unlucky, as though he had been stepping through a pile of dog poop for two whole months. It was for this reason that Zhai Xin had taken three baths.

Zhai Yi threw a dry towel over Zhai Xin’s face. “If that’s the case, only good things will happen to you from now on. Shouldn’t you be happy?” Indeed, this incident involving Zhou Xing was truly a marvel that happened once in a blue moon.

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