Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief - Chapter 1677 - Did You See It Yourself?

Chapter 1677: Did You See It Yourself?

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“Although this matter was over ten years ago, your mother’s behavior back then was too bizarre. You can go to this hospital and ask for yourself what your mother had said to the nurse before she passed away.” Qiao Nan didn’t mean to splash dirty water on Ding Jiayi. It was just that she could no longer tolerate how Ding Jiayi had pushed all the responsibility to her and even misled Zhou Xing.

Zhou Xing was the same as Qiao Zijin. Both of them were action-oriented.

Zhou Xing was certain that Qiao Nan was the one who caused Qiao Zijin’s death. As such, Zhou Xing deliberately found her son and wanted to make use of him to seek revenge on her. Ding Jiayi had created this trouble herself and couldn’t blame Qiao Nan in the future for telling Zhou Xing the truth of the matter.

Zhou Xing’s eyes were full of doubt as she held the piece of paper with the address Qiao Nan had provided her. “How can I be sure that the nurse I found wouldn’t have been bought over by you? I know you’re considered one of the shareholders in the Tian Corporation. All you have is money, and there is hardly anything in this world that money can’t buy.”

On what basis should she believe that the nurse’s words were true and that it wasn’t what Qiao Nan deliberately wanted her to hear? Zhou Xing was full of doubts and didn’t have any trust in this world, especially toward Qiao Nan.

“Then, you’re only left with going to the police station and see the footage of how I had knocked your mother down that year. I can’t possibly buy the footage, right? Also, the facts are all in front of you. If you really want to believe that I was the one who had forged all the evidence, then I have nothing much to say to you.” Qiao Nan didn’t really want to talk to Zhou Xing. Zhou Xing was Qiao Zijin’s daughter. Qiao Nan knew how unreasonable Qiao Zijin could be when she was still alive.

Like mother, like daughter. Qiao Nan never wanted to knock some sense into Qiao Zijin. Similarly, Qiao Nan didn’t intend to persuade Zhou Xing. It was up to Zhou Xing to believe it or not.

If not for the old couple from the Zhou family having passed away and Zhou Xing having grown up with Ding Jiayi by her side, Qiao Nan wouldn’t have bothered saying these words to Zhou Xing. Ding Jiayi had really caused so much harm, harming one after another.

Zhou Xing had gone awry. If Qiao Zijin couldn’t change for the better, she didn’t expect Zhou Xing to either. Zhou Xing was born with Qiao Zijin’s character. They were unreasonable.

Zhou Xing held the note that Qiao Nan gave her tightly. As Qiao Nan had said, even if there was footage, she would wonder if the video evidence in the police station was synthesized. IT was so developed nowadays. There was nothing a computer couldn’t do.

As one of the stakeholders in Tian Corporation, Qiao Nan didn’t lack any experts in this field. She was a child who had not even graduated from high school. How would she win against the skillful Qiao Nan? However, even if that was the case, she would go and understand Qiao Nan’s so-called evidence and truth. “I stopped you here today as I hope that you could promise me not to interfere in the matters between me and Zhai Xin. Don’t stop us from being together and badmouth me in front of Zhai Xin either. I don’t expect you to help me and Zhai Xin, but don’t ruin it. I have already lost my mother. You wouldn’t hate me like how you hate my mother and make sure I don’t get my happiness, right?”

All her plans had been destroyed by Qiao Nan. If Qiao Nan tried to stop Zhai Xin from being together with her, Zhai Xin would probably agree without any resistance, based on what had happened today. If that was really the case, all her previous efforts would be in vain. “Even if I take steps back and not discuss if you had deliberately knocked my mother down, the truth is that my mother had died under your car wheels. From this point of view, you owe me a mother. Shouldn’t you return to me what you owe me? Do you know how tragic it is for a child to lose their mother? When you were happily smiling, do you know that I was crying so badly because I have lost my mother’s love, and yet there wasn’t a single person by my side who could comfort me? You owe me a happy childhood, and this is something you would never be able to make up to me in this lifetime!”

She didn’t expect much. She wouldn’t let Qiao Nan return her a good childhood, but Qiao Nan was not to intervene in her affairs with Zhai Xin moving forward. Without Qiao Nan’s influence, she believed that since she could succeed in the past, she could similarly succeed now.

Zhai Xin’s heart softened easily. He would never reject her.

“…” Qiao Nan’s lips twitched. She had long known that as Qiao Zijin’s daughter, Zhou Xing wouldn’t be someone who listened to reason. However, Zhou Xing was more stubborn than Qiao Zijin back then. This was something Qiao Nan didn’t expect. It was really as if the whole world should have sided with them, the mother-and-daughter pair.

Qiao Zijin deliberately ran out to hit her car and caused her car to be scrapped directly. Looking back, she was instead the one who had owed Qiao Zijin and Zhou Xing and thus had to give her second son up as compensation. Aside from ‘hehe’, what other reaction could Qiao Nan possibly have?

Based on the fact that she was Qiao Zijin’s daughter, she shouldn’t have expected anything from Zhou Xing. She should just treat Zhou Xing how she had treated Qiao Zijin back then.

Qiao Nan, who didn’t say anything, hit the car’s headlights and changed lanes. She stepped on the accelerator and left, leaving behind a cloud of exhaust fumes for Zhou Xing.

“Qiao Nan…” Qiao Nan hadn’t promised to her request. How could she just leave like that? “Qiao Nan, you can’t avoid this forever. You caused me to be a parentless child. Is it too overboard for you to repay me with one of your sons? Even if you’re unwilling, you have to be willing. This is what you owe me.”

Zhou Xing was stubborn and decided to entangle herself with Zhai Xin all the way to the end. He was already her boyfriend. How would it be easy for him to run away from her? Since Qiao Nan didn’t answer, she took it as Qiao Nan silently agreeing to her words.

Zhou Xing exhaled. She lost the composure she had when she was facing Qiao Nan and her eyes became uneasy. She looked at the address in her hands and thought of Qiao Nan’s words again. In the end, Zhou Xing went to the few places Qiao Nan had mentioned.

It was rare for Qiao Zijin to reject the doctor’s treatment and even insisted on the doctor to give up on her after she got into a car accident. Such a bizarre thing was indeed rare. As such, once Zhou Xing asked, the nurse who knew about this matter immediately had an impression. “Indeed, such a thing happened. Before the victim passed away, she mentioned that she didn’t want to see a person when we were talking about funeral matters. The people in our hospital later found out that this person was the victim’s birth mother. I even heard that during the funeral, the victim’s father really didn’t let that birth mother attend.”

“Did you see or hear this personally?”

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