Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief - Chapter 1676 - Ask Your Grandma

Chapter 1676: Ask Your Grandma

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Since Zhou Xing was not someone with self-awareness, Qiao Nan could only hope that Er Bao had self-awareness and not be deceived by Zhou Xing and end up doing something that would only hurt his loved ones but please his enemies.

The relationship between Zhou Xing and Zhai Xin had not even been as far as five generations! Even if they were really to get together, it would be illegal. In other words, they would be committing a crime by getting married. Zhai Xin could not possibly ruin the reputation of all three generations of the Zhai family just for the sake of a cousin with evil intentions.

“Mom, don’t worry. You don’t have to do anything about this anymore. I understand. I didn’t have any feelings for her to begin with. Initially, I just thought that she was still young and did not know what she truly wanted and was simply confused.” Zhai Xin knew that both he and Zhai Yi were rather famous in the PLA National Defense University. Because they were brothers, they shared the title of the most popular guy on campus.

Zhai Xin did not care for this title. After all, men should rely on their capability, not their appearance. But Zhai Xin knew that many women bought into that and felt that it was a respectable thing to be dating the most popular and handsome guy in school. After he and Zhai Yi were picked as the most handsome guys in school, Zhai Xin clearly felt that he had started to receive more love letters. And it was at such a time that Zhou Xing had appeared.

Because she was not from his school, and Zhou Xing was really young with unstable emotions, Zhai Xin had relented because of her cries and agreed to meet up with Zhou Xing. But who would have known of Zhou Xing’s true identity and that she was such a person! Zhai Xin only felt that he had wasted all of his good intentions and been foolish to have been softhearted this once.

Once bitten, twice shy. He naturally tried to stay away from and not even interact with irrational people like Zhou Xing. Now, Zhai Xin thanked the heavens that Zhou Xing was not from his school and that their schools were separated by a great distance. Otherwise, he could not even imagine how he would act if he were to see Zhou Xing around the school.

With such a decisive answer, Qiao Nan’s expression finally warmed and she was relieved at long last.

“Mom, be careful on your way home. Zhai Xin and I will be sure to visit once we have time. Thank you for taking care of grandma.” Zhai Yi knew that his dad was indeed spending more time at home now as compared to the past when they were still young. But his mom was still the one managing the family matters. His maternal grandfather was still living in the capital and had not left. The last time his grandfather fell sick, it had been his mom who had driven around to pay for his hospital bills and purchase medication for him.

It was almost as though his mom was the only one taking care of the elders in both families.

Sometimes, when Zhai Yi thought about how hard Qiao Nan’s life was, he had the occasional impulse to get into a different line of work so that he could spend more time with his family. At least, the burden would not always fall on that frail mom of his if his elders were to fall sick. But Zhai Yi had to think rationally. He knew clearly about his desire to join the military, and he knew even more clearly of his identity as the eldest grandson of the Zhai family.

It might sound clichéd, but as the eldest grandson of the Zhai family, he had to answer to his mission. His great-grandpa had been right. The men of the Zhai family were destined for the military.

For the most part, Qiao Nan was not at all worried about Zhai Yi and Zhai Xin. Even now, Qiao Nan had absolute faith in her two sons. After a few words, Qiao Nan drove home to the Zhai family.

But what no one had expected was that Zhou Xing did not intend on giving up even after her identity had been exposed in this manner and knowing full well that she should not be appearing in front of the Zhai family. What was different, however, was that Zhou Xing had not approached Zhai Yi or Zhai Xin. Instead, she directly stopped Qiao Nan in her tracks.

Upon seeing Zhou Xing open her arms wide to stand in front of her car, Qiao Nan felt her heart leap. In that moment, it was as though she had seen Qiao Zijin on that day ten years ago. That day, Qiao Zijin had jumped in front of her car and had been pinned under her wheel just like that too!

Thankfully, Qiao Nan had not been driving quickly and had managed to apply her brakes in time so that she did not hit Zhou Xing. When the car stopped just a few centimeters shy of Zhou Xing, even Zhou Xing herself shut her eyes in fear. Qiao Nan did not know whether to laugh or cry at the scene before her. Before standing in her way, had Zhou Xing never realized that this was extremely dangerous? Did she really think that shutting her eyes would mean that the car would not knock into her and that she would not get injured?

Even though this was her first time meeting the grown-up Zhou Xing, she already had a bad impression of Zhou Xing.

When Zhou Xing opened her eyes and saw that Qiao Nan’s car had stopped just short of her, she followed in her mom’s footsteps and got all flared up that Qiao Nan had almost knocked her over. Zhou Xing took a few steps forward and lambasted at Qiao Nan. “Don’t you think you’re too much? You knocked down my mom and killed her, and now, you want to kill me too? Don’t think that you can just do whatever you want without facing any consequences just because you’re the Zhai family’s daughter-in-law! I’m warning you. If the same thing that happened to my mom happens to me, I can assure you that this will be the end of your life as a cadre!”

She would not be like her mom, whose death had not even made the news even after she had been knocked down by Qiao Nan. Her mom had lost her life, but Qiao Nan was still living her peaceful and comfortable life. This world was sure unfair! Everyone was supposed to be equal in front of the law, but why did exceptions like Qiao Nan exist?

Not only did she not have to give up her own life after killing someone, but she did not even have to face any consequences at all! Qiao Nan’s existence was like the blackest of all black holes in the country.

Qiao Nan wound her window down and looked at Zhou Xing seriously. “If you haven’t done a thorough investigation, you don’t have any right to speak. As for your mom’s incident, I have a clear conscience. The police station holds records about how your mom was knocked down by my car at that time. Not only that, but that accident was also recorded by surveillance cameras. You can choose not to believe what I say, but the evidence is with the police. You can check it out yourself. Seeing it for yourself is much better than just listening to what other people say.”

As long as Zhou Xing was willing to investigate the matter, Qiao Nan was sure that she would be able to prove her innocence. “At that time, I had material evidence as well as witnesses. I didn’t even know those witnesses personally. They just happened to be there at that time and saw your mother deliberately running in front of my car. Your mom’s death has nothing to do with me. If you want to resent someone, I’m not the one you should hold a grudge against. You might not know, but the doctor said at that time that your mom’s injuries were not serious for a victim of a car accident. She could have been saved.”

“So why did my mom die in the end?” Zhou Xing could not believe it. If her mom had indeed only suffered minor injuries, how did she become a child with no mother?

“As for that, you’ll have to ask your grandma. She can give you an answer.”

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