Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor - Chapter 2652 - Not Gentle At All (1)

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Chapter 2652 Not Gentle At All (1)

Especially in this era, saying such words would make you an instant lunatic, and Ye Qingtang was no fool. She knew very well what should and should not be said.

“I keep feeling that I might be linked to you, Miss Ye Yue.” The Paragon smiled at Ye Qingtang.

Ye Qingtang smiled back at her. There were indeed connections. In her era, be it the Temple of Shadows or the Temple of Paragon, there were all kinds of connections.

“Ah Yao, I think so too,” Ye Qingtang said to the Paragon. “Miss Ye Yue, why don’t we become sworn sisters?” The Paragon suddenly suggested.

Ye Qingtang was stunned and disbelief appeared on her face. The Paragon of the Temple of Paragon wanted to become sworn sisters with her. Wasn’t this too unbelievable?

“Ah Yao, you have the body of an Immortal Emperor. You want to become sworn sisters with me?” Ye Qingtang sounded slightly surprised.

The Paragon replied nonchalantly, “How many Immortal Emperors are there in this world? If I base all my relationships on cultivation level, wouldn’t I be forever alone?”

Ye Qingtang was rendered speechless by the Paragon’s explanation. She never expected her to be like this.

In Ye Qingtang’s era, be it the Holy Lord of the Temple of Shadows or the Paragon of the Temple of Paragon, Ye Qingtang had never seen the original body. Everything she knew was just from hearsay and rumors.

“If Miss Ye Yue met someone she likes, would that person have to possess the same cultivation level in order for you to befriend her?” The Paragon chuckled when she saw that Ye Qingtang had remained silent.

Ye Qingtang instinctively shook her head. Her gaze landed on the Paragon. “Of course not.”

“That’s good then. So, is Miss Ye Yue willing? If it’s not convenient for you, it’s fine as well.” The Paragon smiled.

“I’m very happy that Sister Ah Yao holds me in such high regard. How could I reject you? This must be my good karma from my previous life,” Ye Qingtang pondered for a moment before replying.

Not only did Ye Qingtang have a very favorable impression of this Paragon in front of her, but she also wanted to get close to her. Even if that was not the case, would anyone ever reject a supreme Immortal Emperor who wanted to become sworn sisters with her?

“That’s good.”

With a casual wave of her hand, the scene changed drastically. At that moment, there was no black tower or canyon. Ye Qingtang and the Paragon arrived in a hall.

Ye Qingtang was no stranger to this main hall. Although there were many small details that were different, she could still tell at a glance. “The Temple of Paragon…” Surprise surfaced in Ye Qingtang’s eyes as she looked around. Ye Qingtang was certain that this was the Temple of Paragon.

Ye Qingtang frowned. Did the Paragon bring her from the Divine Venerate Domain to the Temple of Paragon in the Mixed Heavens Holy Domain?

“Illusion?” Ye Qingtang contemplated quietly.

Seeing Ye Qingtang’s strange expression, the Paragon looked at her and said, “Don’t panic. This place is just an illusion.”

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