Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor - Chapter 2651 - Black Tower (4)

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Chapter 2651 Black Tower (4)

Actually, the Paragon had no idea what was happening to her today. It was just that after seeing Ye Qingtang, she somehow felt that Ye Qingtang was filled with some kind of bewitching power that attracted her.

The Paragon subconsciously wanted to get closer to her. If it was in the past, someone who looked so similar to her might have already annoyed her so much that she would have killed her. The Paragon was not the only one who felt this way. Even Ye Qingtang had this inexplicable feeling. For no discernible reason, she had a good impression of the Paragon.

“I have no intention of returning to my hometown for the time being, but that may change. Perhaps I will return one day,” Ye Qingtang said to the Temple of Paragon’s Paragon.

Ye Qingtang had already planned to return to the Blue Sky Domain and also take a look at the Mixed Heavens Holy Domain before leaving this era.

“Miss Ye Yue, I’ve been an orphan for as long as I can remember. I’ve never seen my parents before and was abandoned right after birth. I was wondering if you and I could be twins since you look so similar to me.” The woman in white suddenly changed the topic. Ye Qingtang was at a loss for words.

Probably not.

“I wonder if Miss Ye Yue lives with her parents… if so, where are they? Perhaps you can bring me to take a look. Maybe it’s just as I thought. Otherwise, how could two people who are unrelated to each other look identical?” The Temple of Paragon’s Holy Lord continued.

Not only did they look identical, but she also had an inexplicable sense of intimacy with Ye Qingtang. Could this be the legendary family bond?

“This…” Ye Qingtang was in a dilemma. How was she supposed to respond?

Logically speaking, her parents should not have been born yet, right? Even if her biological father was a supreme expert who had lived for thousands of years… her mother was definitely not born yet.

Even Ye Qingtang’s maternal grandfather was probably not born yet.

“Ah Yao… to be honest, I’m also an orphan. I’ve never met my biological parents. They abandoned me at birth.” Ye Qingtang could only sigh helplessly. Actually, after careful consideration, Ye Qingtang was not lying. Even in her own era, Ye Qingtang had never seen her biological parents. In a sense, she had indeed been abandoned.


The Paragon was surprised by Ye Qingtang’s words.

“In that case, Miss Ye Yue, not only do you look like me, even your background… We are the same…” The Paragon mused.

For some reason, the Paragon trusted Ye Qingtang’s story completely and did not suspect a thing.

Actually, Ye Qingtang did not want to lie to Ah Yao. But if she told the truth, she would probably be treated as a lunatic. Who would believe that she had returned to this distant past from the future? And that… she might even be Ah Yao’s reincarnation? Wouldn’t she be foretelling her death?

If you told any other Immortal Emperor that you were her reincarnation…

That Immortal Emperor would probably kill you with a single slap the moment you finished speaking. Claiming to be the reincarnation of someone was as good as cursing the person to death…

If someone told Ye Qingtang that she was her reincarnation…

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