Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor - Chapter 2246 - Tomb (2)

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Chapter 2246: Tomb (2)

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Lei Yan and the others who were in hiding felt chills run down their spines at the sight of those wretched dead bodies around the tomb entrance.

No one knew what had happened in the tomb just now.

Elder Feng and the other faction leaders saw that all was calm in the interior of the tomb, and the expressions on their faces were grim. They had already guessed that it would not be so easy to enter the fiendcelestial’s tomb, and so hadn’t rushed to enter and perish without a second glance.

Ambition was a good thing, but one also had to have brains. Only then could you preserve your own life.

And earlier, they already noticed that Ye Qingtang did not make any move to enter even though the stone door had been opened. If Ye Qingtang’s words were true, and she was really the guide to the person who would inherit the fiendcelestial’s will, she would naturally have led the chosen one in. But she didn’t make any move and those fools just rushed in and ended up losing their lives.

“I wonder what are the rules of this tomb? Mighty one, please enlighten us,” Elder Feng asked politely.. As she had opened the stone door, he believed in her words to a certain extent.

“Of course,” Ye Qingtang spoke mildly. She had been waiting for them to take the initiative to ask.

As the fiendcelestial’s tomb guide, Ye Qingtang was in no hurry to disclose everything to everyone. So she had waited.

“Those who are not fated will meet certain death if they force their way in. But since one of you is the fated one, I will lead you all inside. However…” Ye Qingtang’s tone suddenly turned cold. “You must heed my instructions inside the tomb. Otherwise, if you trigger any trap, I will not help you.”

Ye Qingtang’s words were chilly and sounded like a warning, but everyone relaxed a little at her words. After all, if Ye Qingtang had immediately told them that everything would be fine, they would never trust her. Instead, they would suspect that Ye Qingtang had ulterior motives.

“But of course.” Elder Feng and the rest nodded.

Without another word, Ye Qingtang leaped off the back of the Night Soul Beast and stood in front of the entrance. As she lifted her hand, right in front of their eyes, the massive Night Soul Beast shrank until it was about the size of a tiger.

But the eyes of that Night Soul Beast remained sharp and harsh as they swept across the crowd.

“Follow me.” Ye Qingtang infused spirit energy into her voice so that everyone could hear her clearly.

With that, the factions followed behind her. The demon child also alighted from his carriage. Brushing by Elder Feng and the rest, he communicated through spirit energy: “After entering the tomb, we must monitor this person’s movements closely. The moment something looks off, we must immediately coordinate to take her down.”

Elder Feng and the rest quietly communicated their assent. They needed to make use of Ye Qingtang’s understanding of this tomb to lead them inside, but they also had to be on their guard against her.

Only fools would completely believe Ye Qingtang’s earlier word without thinking more about it.

This person was taking the initiative to lead them inside the tomb… But why?

For the moment, no one knew.

Lei Yan and his group saw that most of the factions had already entered the tomb, and they immediately followed behind.

It was pitch-black inside. A rotting smell permeated the air, which had been trapped inside this closed-off space for tens of thousands of years. That rotting stench mixed with the smell of fresh blood entered the bodies of the people as they breathed…

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