Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor - Chapter 2245 - Tomb (1)

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Chapter 2245: Tomb (1)

By the time Ye Qingtang arrived at the Second Domain in her previous lifetime, the Fiendcelestial Tomb had already been open for decades. It wasn’t a secretive affair at all. Almost everyone in the mainland knew about it and would talk about it.

Ye Qingtang had been hiding around many places, so she naturally heard the discussions about the tomb.

The Fiendcelestial Tomb could never be opened using external forces. Even if an Emperor level person tried to forcibly open it, there would be a counter-effect.

If anyone tried to forcibly open the tomb, just like the muscular man from the Falling Water Pavilion, there would only be one outcome… and that was death.

The only way to open the Fiendcelestial Tomb was for the Night Soul Beast to personally open it.

The Night Soul Beast was the protector of the Evil Soul Forest and also the Fiendcelestial Tomb.

However, only Ye Qingtang knew about it.

The Night Soul Beast was puzzled. How did these humans even figure out how to open the tomb?

“The Fiendcelestial Tomb is open!”

Several people wanted to charge into the tomb when it opened up.

Ye Qingtang didn’t say anything. A few groups took their man and charged into the tomb in the blink of an eye and Ye Qingtang didn’t stop them.

They desperately wanted to lay their hands on the fiendcelestial treasures. Moreover, they didn’t trust Ye Qingtang and so they moved quickly.

There were only a few forces who didn’t act on it.

The Black Moon Palace, Falling Water Pavilion, Rising Dragon Island and Spy Cloud’s forces didn’t do anything. They merely exchanged glances and remained still.

It seemed that they were waiting for something.

Just a moment later.

Piercing shrieks echoed in the dark tomb.

The strong smell of blood started permeating through everyone’s nostrils.

When the forces standing outside the tomb heard the sounds, they remained expressionless.

It was as if…

They had already predicted the outcome.

The next moment, bloody figures escaped out of the tomb. They seemed to have used their last bit of energy to climb out of the tomb, rather than escape.

Their lower bodies were gruesome. The bones in their legs were gone, leaving only strips of flesh that continued bleeding.

“Jerk! How dare you do this to us!” The man used his last bit of energy to climb out of the tomb. His eyes were bleeding, a part of his chin missing and with a huge slit across his stomach as his organs spilled out.

Ye Qingtang looked at the resentful man calmly. The man could hardly breathe and when he finally took his last breath, the shrieks in the tomb started becoming softer, until it became silent once again.

Everyone knew that it wasn’t because they had escaped to a safe space. It was most likely because they already died…

The first batch of forces to enter the tomb wasn’t too large. There were only 1800 of them combined.

These 1800 people were defeated in an instant…

The tomb was dangerous.

Although the doors were wide open, not everyone could guarantee they would come out alive once they entered.

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