Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor - Chapter 2193 - Incredible (2)

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Chapter 2193: Incredible (2)

“Teacher Ye, what did I ever do to you? Why did you destroy my bloodline?”

Yun Chen was truly enraged. If Ye Qing wanted to mess around, he could play along with him. But how could he force him to take this randomly-cultivated elixir?

His Drifting Cloud Bloodline was subdued within seconds. Was Teacher Ye trying to kill him?

Ye Qing was calm in the face of Yun Chen’s anger.

“Your bloodline has been subdued?” Ye Qing asked.

Yun Chen gritted his teeth. “Yes!”

“Very good.” Ye Qing nodded.

Yun Chen nearly spat out blood in rage.

“Come here. These are the ingredients for the cypress elixir. Try and refine one now.” Before Yun Chen could react, Ye Qing placed the prepped ingredients into Yun Chen’s hands.

Yun Chen was already blinded by rage. Would he still be willing to follow this crazy teacher’s instructions? Destroying one’s bloodline was like crushing one’s martial arts future!

“Teacher Ye!”

“Yun Chen.” Ye Qing and Yun Chen spoke at the same time. The youth shot him a very stern look and the rest of Yun Chen’s words got stuck in his throat.

“Go and refine the pill now,” Ye Qing insisted.

Yun Chen took a deep breath as he struggled to contain his anger.

“Just do as I say. I will naturally restore your bloodline.” Ye Qing added.

Yun Chen narrowed his eyes at Ye Qing.

He couldn’t understand why Ye Qing was doing this to him. He had never offended him before. But he conjured some weird pill at random and destroyed his bloodline…

Just as Yun Chen was about to walk off, a bitter amusement filled his heart.

Even if his bloodline was present, with his physical condition, he would never be able to continue practicing martial arts. Destroyed or not, it made no difference to him.

It was just that Ye Qing’s request was just too ridiculous.

“Teacher Ye, I refuse.” Yun Chen put in a lot of effort to finally calm himself down. He was not willing to continue playing along with Ye Qing. He turned to leave.

Ye Qingtang gave an inward sigh on seeing Yun Chen storm off in anger.

Never mind, she couldn’t blame this kid for not believing her.

With a sudden leap, Ye Qingtang landed beside Yun Chen. Before he could react, she used her fingers to jab at several pressure points on his chest.

Shocked, Yun Chen was prepared to retaliate when he felt that his suppressed bloodline had suddenly been restored…


Yun Chen was dumbstruck.

What was going on?

“Kid, you wasted one of my suppression elixirs. You deserve a scolding.” One glance at Yun Chen’s expression and Ye Qingtang could tell his bloodline had been restored.

Yun Chen was still in a daze. He tried to circulate his bloodline and realized that everything was back to normal. It was as if having his bloodline suppressed had just been a nightmare.

“You found it difficult to improve your elixir-refining skills because of your Drifting Cloud Bloodline. I cultivated these pills called suppression elixirs, and they can temporarily seal off your bloodline. In this way, you won’t be affected by your bloodline. And the way to restore your bloodline is very simple. You just need to activate those pressure points like I did earlier. That would allow the effects of the elixir to be released from your body.” Ye Qing patiently explained.

Yun Chen was completely stupefied.

Suppression elixir?

What in the world was that?

He had never heard of that before.

Ye Qing’s so-called suppression elixir sounded completely outrageous. Yun Chen had never even heard of any medicine that could seal off one’s bloodline.

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