Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor - Chapter 2192 - Incredible (1)

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Chapter 2192: Incredible (1)

This Teacher Ye…

Was he joking?

Several times, Yun Chen wanted to advise him against his actions but was put off by a warning glance each time. Yun Chen was so dismayed that even his usually-pale face looked a bit flushed now.

He watched as Ye Qing gathered the exact amount of herbs as prescribed, before opening the tripod and placing the ingredients inside.

Yun Chen: “…”

As he didn’t have a high success rate at refining elixirs, and because he had more experience trying to refine than the usual student, Yun Chen had read quite a number of ancient books to improve his skills. Consequently, he had a rather comprehensive understanding of herbs…

Something bad would definitely happen with what Ye Qing was doing.

As expected, a muffled sound erupted from the tripod the moment the fire was lit.

Soon enough, a stream of smoke spread out from the tripod.

Yun Chen’s face changed.

At the side, Ye Qingtang appeared completely nonchalant.

“Teacher Ye, these herbs…” Yun Chen was about to warn Ye Qing.

Calm suddenly descended over the smoke-covered tripod, and the smoke in the room suddenly emitted a clean fragrance.

Yun Chen: “…”

“What about these herbs?” Ye Qingtang was focused on the tripod and wasn’t paying much attention to Yun Chen’s words.

For a moment there, Yun Chen had no idea what to say.

Luckily nothing catastrophic had happened.

Time passed by the minute and second. Ye Qing didn’t stay beside the tripod but went to gather a few more portions of herbs to prepare for the next batch.

Looking at Ye Qing’s busy figure and then at the temporarily-calm tripod, Yun Chen was feeling all anxious inside.

As night fell, the fire in the tripod finally subsided.

Ye Qingtang saw that the time was about right and opened the tripod. Several pitch-black elixirs were laid out quietly inside.

Just going by the color, one could tell they were poisonous pills.

Ye Qingtang took them out and examined them. Delight flashed across her eyes.

She still had it. Her skills were still well and intact.

Yun Chen felt rather conflicted as he observed Ye Qingtang’s satisfied expression.

Before he could react further, Ye Qingtang suddenly turned and presented one of the black pills to Yun Chen.

“Eat it.”

Yun Chen’s jaw dropped to the floor.

Eat… eat… eat it?!!

“Teacher Ye, what… what did you say?” The hairs on the back of Yun Chen’s neck were all standing on end.

“I asked you to eat it,” Ye Qingtang repeated.

Yun Chen: “…”

When did he offend her?

“Teacher Ye, this pill…” Yun Chen tried to resist.

But the moment Yun Chen opened his mouth to speak, Ye Qingtang took the opportunity to toss the pill inside his mouth and smacked him on the chest.

Gulp. Yun Chen inadvertently swallowed the pitch-black pill.

Yun Chen: “…”

He was doomed!

“How is it?” Ye Qing looked at Yun Chen closely.

Yun Chen just felt a bitter taste spread across his throat. For a moment there, there were no other terrible side effects yet.

Just as he was quietly relieved, he suddenly felt a surge of heat flowing out of his dantian! In just a few breaths’ time, Yun Chen felt hot all over. His usually-pale face was flushed red by his high temperature.

Within seconds, Yun Chen’s internal energy was suppressed by this heat flow. His expression underwent a major shift.

“My bloodline?” Yun Chen widened his eyes at Ye Qingtang, as anger flashed across his face.

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