Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor - Chapter 1947 - Brutes (2)

Chapter 1947: Brutes (2)

“Ming Di,” Ye Qingtang said softly.


“Wait for my signal.” Ye Qingtang gritted her teeth. She could ignore it if they had been anyone else but she had to save Jiang Lang and Jiang Xun!

She couldn’t watch the two who treated her like their own family member die so cruelly in the hands of the Ancient You Clan.

Finally! Ming Di’s eyes were burning, anticipating a huge fight. The Ancient Clans all thought that Ye Qingtang was finally going to attack the Ancient You Clan and they all perked up.

There were only a few soldiers from the Ancient You Clan there. Jiang Xun and Jiang Lang quickly found Ye You and the rest of them.

“Aunt!” Jiang Qin, who was looking extremely pathetic, cried out when she saw Jiang Xun surging forward.

Ye You followed closely behind Jiang Qin.

While fighting against the Ancient You Clan soldiers, Jiang Xun said, “How are your injuries? Are there any other members from the Jiang family here?”

They had not anticipated the attack at all so had no idea how many members of the Jiang family were still alive.

“It’s just a few of us left. Please get us out of here,” Jiang Qin pleaded.

Jiang Xun’s lips twisted. Even though she didn’t like Jiang Qin and Ye You, they were still family after all.

Jiang Xun broke their chains with one swing of her sword and let Jiang Qin and the rest out.

“Brothers of different clans, let’s go.” Jiang Xun’s gaze swept across the other youths in the cages. Without thinking much of it, he prepared to leave with Jiang Qin and Ye You. She dragged them along, one in each hand and ran. Ye Xun could only follow behind them, panting heavily.

But just as they grabbed Ye You and Jiang Qin, Jiang Qin and Ye You’s eyes suddenly flashed fiercely as they attacked the defenseless Jiang Xun and Jiang Lang from behind.

Before they could even react, all they saw was black and they collapsed.



The Domain Monarch was still dealing with the Ancient You Clan soldiers at the entrance when he suddenly heard two cries.

He lifted his eyes only to see a group of Ancient You Clan soldiers dragging Jiang Qin and Ye You out. Even Jiang Xun and Jiang Lang whom he had sent to rescue them, were being dragged out as well. The two of them seemed to have been knocked out and did not stir at all.

The knives of the soldiers were on their necks.

“Domain Monarch, your loved ones are in our hands. I might let them go if you hand over your Spirit of Chaos fragment obediently.” A warden from the Ancient You Clan walked out slowly. Both his hands were behind his back and he was looking at the solemn Domain Monarch with arrogance.

Seeing the four of them captured, the Domain Monarch’s eyes narrowed and flashed coldly.

His expression was extremely dark. He rarely had time for his family since he had always been obsessed with honing his martial arts. Now that the Jiang family was on the verge of extinction, he was going to protect the remaining members even if it cost his life.

“The Spirit of Chaos fragment is with me. Let them go and I will become your hostage. I’ll hand you the fragment once I know they are safe,” the Domain Monarch said.

“Do you think you are in a position to negotiate with us now?” The Ancient You Clan warden let out of a bark of contemptuous laughter, as though the Domain Monarch was nothing to him.

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