Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor - Chapter 1874 - Demonic (2)

Chapter 1874: Demonic (2)

Even though she had escaped, her leg was still imprinted with Fu Qiu’s teeth marks.

Outside the Crystal Palace, the light of dusk was slowly being engulfed by the darkness of night. But just as everything was about to turn dark, the fat catfishes slaughtering each other relentlessly outside seemed to be drawn to some force.

As if possessed, they swept the spirit stones on their floor into their stomachs with their tongues and plunged back into the earth without another word.

It was as though none of that had ever happened. All traces of their battle above ground quickly vanished as well.

Ye Qingtang panted softly as she kept her eye on Fu Qiu.

The red light in Fu Qiu’s eyes slowly faded as his deathly white skin gradually returned to its normal green.

Its entire body suddenly relaxed.

Was it back to normal? Ye Qingtang observed Fu Qiu carefully.

Fu Qiu’s head dropped downwards and then suddenly lifted again. But this time, the ferocity on his face was gone, replaced by anger.

“Who said you could come up here!” Fu Qiu’s eyes were filled with clarity again and it was staring at Ye Qingtang with intense anger.

Storming over to Ye Qingtang, Fu Qiu grabbed her neck.

Ye Qingtang had never expected to find out the fat catfishes’ secret by mistake. She dodged subconsciously as Fu Qiu reached for her.

Fu Qiu didn’t manage to grab her neck but caught her jade pendant instead.

Its anger subsided as it saw the familiar pendant.

“Where did you get this jade pendant? I’ll throw you out if you don’t tell me,” Fu Qiu snapped with narrowed eyes.

“My mother gave it to me.” Ye Qingtang already had her suspicions but quickly replied to Fu Qiu’s question now that it had asked her.

Shock filled Fu Qiu’s face as it lifted its eyes to look at Ye Qingtang. Although Ye Qingtang had changed her appearance, Fu Qiu had been shocked the first time it saw her.

She looked just like…

A long time ago, the girl with a smile as beautiful as the fresh flowers in spring, had shown herself in front of it with the same pendant. She had said before that the jade pendant was extremely important to her.

Fu Qiu had wanted to touch it out of curiosity once but had been rejected by her.

Back then, she had said that only her family could touch the pendant.

A similar appearance and the same jade pendant. These clues flashed in Fu Qiu’s mind.

“Jiu’er is your mother?” Fu Qiu looked at Ye Qingtang. “Jiu’er…”

Ye Qingtang was hearing this familiar name once again. “Is the Jiu-er you’re talking about called Jiu Yuan?”

Fu Qiu froze for a moment and thought for a while before nodding.

The unease in Fu Qiu’s heart subsided as Ye Qingtang said Jiu’er’s name.

Appearances could be altered and the jade pendant could be a fake, however, Fu Qiu felt something familiar from Ye Qingtang.

Even though Fu Qiu hadn’t been able to confirm Ye Qingtang’s identity before this, some of her blood was left in its mouth after it had bit her just now.

Fu Qiu and the other members of its clan were the only creatures that could sense the familiarity from someone’s blood so accurately.

“You’re Jiu’er’s daughter… where is your mother now?” Fu Qiu asked agitatedly after confirming Ye Qingtang’s identity.

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