Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor - Chapter 1873 - Demonic (1)

Chapter 1873: Demonic (1)

“You’ve seen it…” Fu Qiu tried to speak with difficulty, making weird sounds.

Fu Qiu was completely different from its usual self at night. It now exuded a dangerous aura from head to toe.

Thump, thump. Ye Qingtang’s heart palpitated rapidly, darting back quickly to escape from them.

She had no idea what had happened to these fat catfishes, but from what she saw, they seemed to be affected during the day.

They loved gambling at night, when they had awareness, they weren’t dangerous at all. But in the day, they seemed to have lost all reasoning and acted like baleful ghosts out for revenge.

Ye Qingtang could finally understand why the fat catfishes were that afraid of the day. They themselves had no idea how they would become during the day.

Fu Qiu’s red eyes were fixated on Ye Qingtang, suddenly stretching its fat tongue out in Ye Qingtang’s direction.

Ye Qingtang leaped aside, dodging the disgusting tongue and her gaze quickly landed on the underground pathway of the Crystal Palace.

With full speed, Ye Qingtang rushed towards the underground pathway but Fu Qiu was abnormally agile. Its saliva-coated tongue also moved nimbly, wrapping around her slim waist when she tried to escape towards the underground pathway.

Fu Qiu picked Ye Qingtang up with its tongue and slammed her against the wall in the Crystal Palace with a loud thud.

She felt as though her body was going to fall apart.

Although she couldn’t determine how powerful the fat catfishes were, now that she had seen them in action, Fu Qiu’s powers didn’t seem to be any lower than the Paragon level.

Fu Qiu’s face had turned into a grimace, wrapping its tongue tightly around Ye Qingtang’s waist as it slammed her around. It suddenly curled its tongue, bringing Ye Qingtang towards the insides of its mouth.

Was it f*cking going to swallow her?!

Ye Qingtang was panicking. Seeing the huge and bloody mouth, she was suddenly engulfed in dark flames, shooting black flames from her palms into Fu Qiu’s mouth.

Fu Qiu’s gaping mouth was just like a black hole, instantly swallowing the black flames once she shot it inside.

At that moment, Fu Qiu’s mouth seemed to have doubled in size and half of Ye Qingtang’s body was in its mouth. Fu Qiu’s sharp teeth were about to bite down on Ye Qingtang’s legs!

Ye Qingtang’s heart sank. Her attacks seemed to have no effect on Fu Qiu at all. Fu Qiu was just like a solid wall, absorbing all her moves without being affected at all.

The next moment, Ye Qingtang felt pain in her legs. Fu Qiu had already bitten down and looking at Fu Qiu’s demonic eyes, she suddenly had an idea. She knocked her head against Fu Qiu’s head.


When Ye Qingtang knocked her head against Fu Qiu’s, the jade pendant she wore around her neck slid from the resulting movement and appeared before Fu Qiu’s eyes.

At that moment, Fu Qiu froze.

It stopped all of its attacks, looking at the jade pendant with reddened eyes.

Ye Qingtang was shocked to see Fu Qiu stop moving. Seeing that Fu Qiu was in a daze, she quickly grabbed the opportunity and hit Fu Qiu’s head with all her might, escaping from its mouth with her heart pounding.

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