Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor - Chapter 1872 - Unexpected Discovery (3)

Chapter 1872: Unexpected Discovery (3)

Ye Qingtang could sense that Long Yi and the girl had some understanding of this mystic realm, which was why they had an easier time around.

Although she wanted to ask them about it, she didn’t know how and where to start. If she made a wrong guess, it would become rather problematic instead.

Even if her intuition was right…

How could she possibly claim kinship with them just based on her appearance and a jade pendant? If she did, it would possibly make them categorize her as someone with ill intentions.

Ye Qingtang returned to her room and thought it through before she decided that it was best for her to ask Fu Qiu about it.

After calming her emotions, she cultivated for quite a while and the ground would not stop shaking. Despite that, Little White Tiger was still able to sleep through it.

Ye Qingtang wanted to wake it up so that they could go check things out together but no matter how hard she pushed against it, Little White Tiger didn’t wake up.

That was strange. Ye Qingtang couldn’t help but feel puzzled.

In the end, she walked out of the room by herself, wanting to head inside the Crystal Palace and ask Fu Qiu some questions.

But when she came to the ground level of the Crystal Palace, sunlight littered in from outside. It was almost dawn and the lights outside shone everywhere, adorning the Crystal Palace with a layer of gold lights.

Endless howls could be heard from outside the Crystal Palace at a supposedly peaceful time. The ground wouldn’t stop shaking, almost to the point where it might just collapse.

Lifting her eyes, Ye Qingtang was able to see outside.

The scene before her rendered her speechless.

Large shapes bit each other ferociously, making loud, bestial roars.

“Fat… catfish?” Ye Qingtang said with widened eyes.

Outside the Crystal Palace, countless fat catfishes had gone mad, fighting each other. Their bodies weren’t green but were white now, and their eyes were devoid of emotions, unlike their characters in the dark.

Ye Qingtang couldn’t believe the scene before her eyes.

The fat catfishes had told them that it was very dangerous in the day, those who went out during the day never came back…

But Ye Qingtang had never expected it to be like this. The monsters turned out to be the demonized fat catfishes!

They would mingle around and have fun together at night but during the day, they would lose all consciousness and become enemies.

They opened their mouths wide, biting each other ferociously.

Ye Qingtang could somehow see some gleaming spots when they bit each other. It dropped out from the wounds of the fat catfishes as they fought.

Instead of blood, the fat catfishes didn’t bleed when they were bitten. The limbs that were bitten off would turn into spirit stones…

Spirit stones… Fat catfish…

Ye Qingtang suddenly recalled Jiang Shaobai’s question from yesterday.

Where did the fat catfishes get their spirit stones from?

It wasn’t from underground… but… from the fat catfishes’ bodies.

“Why did you come out”! Someone screamed from behind.

When Ye Qingtang turned around, she saw a huge figure coming in her direction.

The green color of Fu Qiu’s had turned white instead. Its beady eyes had turned red, its big mouth had saliva dripping down like a rabid beast.

It was terrifying.

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