Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 858 - Don't Mess Up Brother's Matter  

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Chapter 858: Don’t Mess Up Brother’s Matter

Jian Ai smiled and said nothing. Based on her understanding of Qinghuan, even if her parents nagged continuously, it was impossible for her to change her mind.

As expected, Xia Qinghuan looked at Jian Ai and said, “When I achieve a certain result, I can shut them up. My current company gave me especially good resources. I can’t terminate the contract.”

Jian Ai smiled and nodded. “The resources you have as a newcomer are the first in the entertainment circle.”

“That’s right. That’s why people have to have a conscience. I won’t do anything that harms others without benefiting myself,” Xia Qinghuan said.

As the two of them were talking, Guan Tao entered the classroom with her bag.

“Xiao Ai, you’re back!”

When she saw Jian Ai, she didn’t even bother to put her bag down. She leaned forward and asked, “How was the competition?”

At this moment, Xia Qinghuan put down the things in her hand and said, “That’s right. I forgot to ask you. How was the competition?”

Jian Ai smiled and shook her head. “Nothing much. When people stand on the stage, there are many judges and contestants below. It was especially terrifying.”

“Besides, I’m not good at speeches. This time, the Great Sage forced me to go. I was eliminated in the semi-finals, so I took it as an experience.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Jian Ai looked at Guan Tao and said, “I brought you a gift too, but it’s in the suitcase.”

And the suitcase was in Ji Haoyu’s car.

Guan Tao smiled and said happily, “Thank you.”

After school in the afternoon, there was a crowd at the entrance of Erzhong.

“Look at that person. He’s so handsome!”

“I see him. He’s so handsome!”

“His figure is amazing too!”

“Eh, look at that handsome man over there. Isn’t he the person who drove his sports car into school last semester?”

“Jian Ai’s… rich second-generation heir boyfriend?”

“The person who bankrupted Senior Liu Na’s family?”

Ji Haoyu’s car was parked by the road, and he was leaning against the car door. His sunglasses covered his beautiful peach blossom eyes, but even so, many people who had seen him before recognized him.


Ji Haoxue carried her school bag and walked out of the school gate. She saw Ji Haoyu at a glance and immediately ran forward excitedly.

When she got closer, Ji Haoxue looked at Ji Haoyu in surprise. “Why did you suddenly come to pick me up? Are you going back to Grandpa’s house for a meal today?”

Ji Haoyu raised his hand to pull down the sunglasses on his nose bridge. He looked down at Ji Haoxue and smiled. Then, he pointed to the opposite side of the road on the right. “Uncle Tao’s car is over there. Go.”

Ji Haoxue: “…”

Ji Haoxue glared at him and pouted angrily. “Aren’t you here to pick me up?”

When Ji Haoyu heard this, he could not help but raise his hand to stroke Ji Haoxue’s head. “Be good. Your Sister Xiao Ai is coming out. Don’t mess up your brother’s matter.”


Ji Haoxue rubbed her nose hard at Ji Haoyu and turned around to walk across the road. “Damn brother, you’re so mean. Now that you have a girlfriend, you don’t even want your sister anymore!”

Ji Haoyu smiled and watched Ji Haoxue cross the road. He turned around and saw Jian Ai walking out of the school gate.

Jian Ai naturally noticed Ji Haoyu immediately.

However… There were people coming and going at the school gate, and Jian Ai noticed everyone was looking at Ji Haoyu.

On such an ostentatious occasion, she wanted to pretend not to know him.

However, the result was that Ji Haoyu would not let her succeed. Because the moment the two of them looked at each other, Ji Haoyu had already raised his hand and waved at her.

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