Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 850 - I Saw Chunfen Today  

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Chapter 850: I Saw Chunfen Today

Jian Ai nodded in understanding. She was mainly worried about the funding of Father Yang’s shop.

Now that she knew he had enough savings, Jian Ai was relieved.

She did not tell Father Yang directly that she would help with this matter. After Yu Wuyuan made the arrangements, someone would naturally contact Father Yang.

After rejecting Father Yang’s invitation to stay for dinner, Jian Ai didn’t wait for Yang Xiaoman to come back from school. She chatted with Father Yang for a while before standing up to leave.

Although the results of this trip to the capital were not ideal, seeing Yang Xiaoman was the happiest thing for Jian Ai.

After returning to the hotel and packing her luggage, Jian Ai pulled her luggage back to Yu Wuyuan’s apartment. She planned to meet Teacher Li and Jian Yichen at the airport tomorrow.

At night, at Wang Yunzhong’s house.

Wang Zichen sat alone on the bed in the room to apply medicine.

He had been beaten up a few days ago, but there were no scars on his body. However, when he fell to the ground, he hit a rock and left a big bruise.

He bought medicine and applied it for a few days. Although the bruises looked lighter, it still hurt every day.


Wang Zichen rolled up his pants and applied medicine. He sucked in a cold breath and looked a little pitiful.

“Zichen, here’s your…” The door was suddenly pushed open. As Old Madam Wang was talking, she saw Wang Zichen, who was covering his calves in a panic.

She was shocked. “Zichen, what’s wrong with your leg? Why did you apply medicine?”

Wang Zichen glared at the old lady and said, “Grandma, how many times have I told you to knock before entering the room? I’m already seventeen years old. I have my privacy.”

The old lady couldn’t care less about her grandson’s privacy. She was only worried about what had happened to his leg.

“Let Grandma look. What’s wrong with your leg?”

Wang Zichen sighed softly and lifted the blanket. “I’m fine. I just accidentally bumped into something.”

Fortunately, the bruises were already very light and did not look scary like before.

Seeing this, the old lady heaved a sigh of relief. “You scared me to death. You were so flustered that I thought something big had happened.”

“I was scaring you. Who asked you not to knock?” Wang Zichen said unhappily.

The old lady quickly nodded and apologized. “I forgot. I’ll knock on the door in the future. The fresh grapes I brought back from your uncle’s shop are very sweet. Come down and eat them?”

“No, I still have to revise,” Wang Zichen said.

When the old lady heard this, she said as she walked out, “I’ll bring them to your room to eat.”

When she came down from the second floor, Wang Yunzhong happened to return.

However, Wang Yunzhong had a cold expression on his face. He didn’t look happy and seemed to have something on his mind.

The old man, who was sitting on the sofa and watching television, couldn’t help but lower the volume of the television. He looked at Wang Yunzhong and asked, “What’s wrong, Yunzhong? Why are you frowning?”

The old lady also went forward with concern. “What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

Wang Yunzhong sighed and shook his head. He sat on the sofa.

The old lady asked worriedly, “What’s wrong? Did you fight with Qianqian?”

Wang Yunzhong still shook his head.

“Tsk!” The old man frowned. “What’s wrong? Is it about the company? Or something else? Tell us. Aren’t you making your mother and me worry?”

“That’s right. Why can’t you tell Dad and Mom?” the old lady asked.

Wang Yunzhong felt suffocated and wanted to find someone to talk to. When he heard this, he couldn’t help but look at the old man and say, “I saw Chunfen at Baiyun Square today.”

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