Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 409 - Don’t Mess with Her

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Chapter 409: Don’t Mess with Her

“Rose Entertainment?”

When Wang Yunzhi heard this, she was surprised.

Why was Sister-in-law working here? Wasn’t she working in Brother’s company?

Obviously, Wang Yunzhi still did not know that she had gotten a divorce with Wang Yunzhong. Not only did she not know, but Wang Yunmei also did not know.

Jian Ai didn’t think of this, so she didn’t tell them.

“Sister-in-law… you…” Wang Yunzhi couldn’t figure it out.

Seeing Wang Yunzhi’s reaction, Jiang Chunfen knew that she probably didn’t know about her divorce with Wang Yunzhong.

“Xiao Ai… didn’t tell you?” Jiang Chunfen asked.

Wang Yunzhi was even more confused and shook her head. “No! Sister-in-law, what happened?”

For some reason, Wang Yunzhi’s heart beat faster, and she felt nervous.

Jiang Chunfen didn’t hide it and said calmly, “Your brother and I… divorced.”

“What?” Wang Yunzhi was shocked.

Divorce? Why wasn’t there any news about such a big matter?

Jiang Chunfen nodded and said calmly, “It has been almost a month.”

Wang Yunzhi said nothing for a long time. It was obvious that she was shocked.

Her elder brother’s family led the best lives. Her sister-in-law was also good. She did not expect her elder brother and sister-in-law to get a divorce.

Jiang Chunfen also told Wang Yunzhi about the job Jian Ai arranged for her. However, Wang Yunzhi was so shocked that she couldn’t say anything.

That Rose Entertainment on the nineteenth floor was Xiao Ai’s property as well?

Similarly, Jiang Chunfen also knew that the East Sea Real Estate on the seventeenth floor was Jian Ai’s.

“Xiao Ai…” Jiang Chunfen opened her mouth but didn’t know what to say.

Wang Yunzhi was in the finance department of East Sea Real Estate, while Jiang Chunfen was the financial manager of Rose Entertainment. Both of them entered Jian Ai’s company, which was arranged by Jian Ai.

The two of them talked as they entered the company building.

Jiang Chunfen told Wang Yunzhi everything about her and Wang Yunzhong, including Wang Yunzhong’s adultery.

After all, Wang Yunzhi was not a child. Some things could not be said to a child, but there was no need to hide it from Wang Yunzhi.

“Brother is too silly. How could he do such a thing?!” Wang Yunzhi did not expect that her brother, who usually looked serious, would cheat!

“No one told me about this. Sister doesn’t know either!” Wang Yunzhi looked at Jiang Chunfen and said, “Sister-in-law, you also know what’s going on with our Wang family. Don’t blame Sister and me for being kept in the dark.”

How could Jiang Chunfen blame Wang Yunzhi and Wang Yunmei? Moreover, Wang Yunzhong and the two elders of the Wang family didn’t interact much with them, so it was expected that they didn’t know.

“What are you talking about?!” Jiang Chunfen smiled and didn’t look worried. “It’s not something honorable in the first place. It’s normal for the old lady to hide it from you.”

Jiang Chunfen sighed and smiled. “I thought I wouldn’t have anything to do with the Wang family after my divorce. Coincidentally, I found a job at Xiao Ai’s company.”

“She wanted to help me. I should thank her!”

When Wang Yunzhi heard this, she couldn’t help but say, “Sister-in-law, that’s good. It’s Xiao Ai’s birthday this week. I’m arranging it with my husband. You can bring Zichen and Zimeng over too!”

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