Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 396 - Picking Up From the Airport

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Chapter 396: Picking Up From the Airport

Jian Ai rushed to the roadside in one breath. Without Ji Haoyu’s scent around, she felt that the air was much fresher.

However, her cheeks could not help but heat up.

This damn Ji Haoyu, he must be the nemesis of her life. After living for two lifetimes, she had long remained indifferent to everything. However, only Ji Haoyu could easily anger her and provoke her emotions.

Bastard! Annoying!

Yao Jiachi caught up to her but didn’t forget to remind her, “Sister, we haven’t paid the bill!”

Jian Ai took a deep breath and tried to calm down. “It’s fine. Someone will settle it!”

She could not calm the anger in her heart. Eat her snails? You deserve to be paying the bill!

“Oh.” Yao Jiachi didn’t know what was going on. He looked at Jian Ai’s red face and asked, “Sister, did you have a heat stroke? Why is your face so red?”

Jian Ai quickly patted her face. “No, I felt a little stuffy just now.”

It was only June. How would she suffer a heat stroke?!

Fortunately, Yao Jiachi was a slow person, so he only nodded.

Jian Ai looked at the time and said, “I’m going back to school. You should go back too.”

“Yes, goodbye, Sister.”

After separating from Jiachi, Jian Ai hailed a taxi and returned to Erzhong. When she returned to school, she entered the classroom with the bell ringing.

“Where did you go at noon? Jian Yiyi came back early!”

As soon as they met, Xia Qinghuan leaned forward.

“I had lunch with my brother. Why? Is something the matter?”

Xia Qinghuan pursed her lips in understanding and looked at Jian Ai. “Lin Yi said that he would treat us to a meal tonight. He said that you agreed last time.”

Jian Ai thought for a moment before being enlightened.

“It’s about the issue with Jian Yiyi before. Lin Yi said that he wanted to thank me and treat me to a meal,” Jian Ai said indifferently. “I said that a meal was fine, but we have to eat together.”

“I was wondering about that!” Xia Qinghuan nodded. “He’s been asking me every day when I’m free these few days. So that’s why.”

“He’s treating you. You two can just eat alone. Why do you have to involve us lightbulbs?” Xia Qinghuan asked again.

Jian Ai immediately rolled her eyes at her. Seeing this, Xia Qinghuan quickly nodded. “Alright, alright. I understand. I won’t interfere in your matters in the future!”

Baiyun City International Airport.

As the third largest airport in China, the customer flow at Baiyun City International Airport was extremely high. There were people moving around everywhere.

When Ji Haoyu rushed to the airport, Old Master Ji had already arrived early, accompanied by Wu Yong.


When he saw the old man, Ji Haoyu quickly went forward to welcome him. He called out to Wu Yong, “Uncle Wu.”

“Old Master insisted on picking Miss Haoxue up, so I accompanied him,” Wu Yong said.

Old Master was in a good mood, and he laughed out loud when he heard that. “Haoxue is finally back in the country. As her grandfather, I have to come and pick her up.”

Ji Haoyu thought of Wu Yong’s words from last night and couldn’t help but look at the Old Master. “Grandpa, when Haoxue is here, let her stay at your place for a while and accompany you well.”

“That’s good!” The old man smiled even more happily.

The plane landed punctually at forty-five minutes past two. Soon, passengers rushed out in batches at the arrival gate. Among them, a slender figure was exceptionally eye-catching.

The girl looked to be around thirteen or fourteen years old, but she was not short. She had a dirty braid with colorful hair ties, a denim jacket, tight leather pants, and a pair of riveting leather boots. She looked like a punk girl, cool and stylish.

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