Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 394 - Snatching Food

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Chapter 394: Snatching Food

This time, Jian Ai didn’t hit him with the back of the knife. She only glared at him with eyes that were about to spew fire.

Why was this person so thick-skinned? Forget it, he came uninvited, but he even ate what she ordered!

Ji Haoyu tasted a snail in his mouth, but he was smiling at Jian Ai. Although he said nothing, his expression was really asking for a beating.

Ji Haoyu swallowed a snail and licked his lips with the tip of his tongue. If another person saw that look, they would think that this man was seductive.

However, Jian Ai only felt that it hurt her eyes.

Ji Haoyu: “I’ll eat another one!”

Jian Ai: “…”

French food pursued exquisiteness and taste. There were only five snails on a plate of baked snails. Without a word, Ji Haoyu already ate two.

“Cough, cough!”

Even Qiu Jiahao, who was sitting opposite him, coughed awkwardly.

He wondered what was wrong with Young Master Ji today for him to snatch food from a child.

When no one was looking, Jiachi silently used his fork to fork away a snail. It looked delicious. If he did nothing, it would be gone soon.

Jian Ai ignored him. After these two unhappy interactions, Jian Ai knew very well that Ji Haoyu was a scoundrel. The angrier she was, the deeper the smile in his eyes. What a pervert.

These snails were expensive. She would treat that she was feeding a dog.

Retracting her gaze, Jian Ai shared the recently served prawns with Jiachi, afraid that Ji Haoyu would open his mouth again.

Looking at Jian Ai’s action, Ji Haoyu raised his eyebrows without batting an eyelid—interest filling his eyes. He blurted, “I heard that you just took over Shuiyun Club a few days ago?”

“None of your business!”

Jian Ai’s tone was unkind. She ate a mouthful of steak and chewed it fiercely.

Ji Haoyu was not angry. He only said calmly, “I’ve arranged everything so meticulously. Why didn’t you thank me?”

I just are two of your snails. Look at how angry you are!


Jian Ai paused and turned to look at him. “I didn’t ask you to do that. If you think you’re at a disadvantage, you can call everyone back to the Ji Group. I won’t stop you.”

Originally, Ji Haoyu had handled this matter thoroughly and let her take advantage of him. Jian Ai was quite grateful to him in her heart. However, this bit of good impression had long been wiped clean by these two encounters.

She had already returned the favor by not beating him up.

Looking at Jian Ai’s impervious attitude towards him, Ji Haoyu couldn’t help but raise his lips slightly. “I was just joking. I’ll leave them to you. Use them as much as you want.”

Jian Ai looked at him and couldn’t figure out if Ji Haoyu’s brain had water in it when he washed his hair in the morning.

Why did he make her angry one moment and say nice things the next?

Although everyone said that Young Master Ji’s personality was unpredictable, there was no way he could be so unpredictable, right?

Jian Ai didn’t know what he wanted to do.

Was he going to tease her or help her?

It looked like both, but also looked like neither.

Amidst her daze, the dishes Ji Haoyu had ordered were served one after another. The main dish was Boston lobsters baked with cheese.

Jian Ai was sharp and agile. She took away most of the food with her fork in revenge, leaving only a lobster head and a lobster tail.

Sure, I’ll let you eat my snails.

Jian Ai split it with Jiachi.

Yao Jiachi had freshly cut beef on his fork in one hand. He looked at the fair and bright lobster meat and blinked in confusion.

Qiu Jiahao, who was at the side, widened his eyes. He thought to himself, ‘Oh my, this girl is a little fierce. She dared to snatch Young Master Ji’s food!’

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