Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 393 - Fate Brought Us Together

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Chapter 393: Fate Brought Us Together

Whenever Jian Ai was facing him, she looked as if she wanted to burn him to ashes.

But facing others, she smiled like a flower, wanting to show her gums to others.

A foul feeling inexplicably filled his heart. Ji Haoyu’s gaze wandered between the two of them. For a date, this girl actually ran from Erzhong to Yizhong for lunch?

How unacceptable!

“Young Master Ji, I…”

Qiu Jiahao was about to say something when he saw that Ji Haoyu was already walking towards the girl. Qiu Jiahao was surprised and chased.

Jian Ai was asking about Jiachi and Yang Jiaoyue. She was smiling happily when she suddenly felt a pressure coming from the side.

Before she could turn around to look, Ji Haoyu had already sat down beside her unceremoniously.

Her expression instantly changed. Ji Haoyu had a roguish smile on his face. He held his head with one hand and tilted his head to look at Jian Ai. “Hi!”

Jian Ai: “…”

Had she seen a ghost?

“Why are you here?” Jian Ai regained her senses and her expression was ugly, as if she had eaten shit.

Ji Haoyu had an indecent look on his face, and his words were even more disgusting. “Fate brought us together.”

Fate your head!

Jian Ai was already not surprised by Ji Haoyu’s appearance and attitude.

Jian Ai looked at the quiet western restaurant. The environment and atmosphere were not suitable for her to flare up on the spot. She lowered her voice and said, “What do you want?”

Ji Haoyu was thick-skinned, but Qiu Jiahao did not know what to do. He stood at the side and did not know where to sit.

Ji Haoyu raised his handsome eyebrows and said shamelessly, “Seeing that you’re lonely eating alone, let’s share a table.”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help but look at Qiu Jiahao. “What are you standing there for? Do you think you’re a waiter?”

Qiu Jiahao couldn’t help but look at Jiachi. Seeing this, Jiachi couldn’t help but move his buttocks inwards and say in a daze, “Please sit.”

Jian Ai said, “Are you blind? You can’t see me with my brother?”


Ji Haoyu couldn’t help but raise his handsome eyebrows when he heard this. His gaze landed on Yao Jiachi.

He was not bad-looking, but he was a little dazed and cute. He did not look like the type she would like.

After knowing Jiachi’s identity, a smile filled Ji Haoyu’s eyes. The inexplicable foulness in his heart instantly dissipated.

“Yes, I’m blind.”

Ji Haoyu smiled. Strength showed what it meant to be a dead pig that was not afraid of boiling water.

Jian Ai rolled her eyes mercilessly and cursed in her heart: Scoundrel!

In the next moment, Ji Haoyu already started ordering.

Because Jian Ai and Jiachi arrived first, their dishes were served first. Ji Haoyu looked at the dishes on the table and realized that Jian Ai had ordered all his favorites.

Picking up the fork on the table, Ji Haoyu was about to fork the baked snail when Jian Ai mercilessly knocked his hand with the back of the knife!

Ji Haoyu quickly retracted his hand and blinked.

“You’re not allowed to eat. I ordered it!” Jian Ai glared at him.

She could not argue with him in the restaurant, so she endured sharing a table with him. However, Jian Ai had no intention of having lunch with him. It was obvious that she wanted to draw the line.

Qiu Jiahao was dumbfounded. Did this girl have the guts to hit Young Master Ji’s hand with the back of a knife?

She even glared at him like that!

With Qiu Jiahao’s understanding of Ji Haoyu, he was already silently burning incense for Jian Ai in his heart. Unexpectedly, in the next second, Qiu Jiahao widened his eyes as if he had been struck by lightning.

Not only was Ji Haoyu not angry, but he also childishly glared at her. “I want to eat it!”

As he spoke, he reached out with his fork again!

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