Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 378 - Plan

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Chapter 378: Plan

“A few hundred thousand yuan?” It shocked the old lady when she heard that. She looked at Li Xia and asked, “So… so much?”

Li Xia smiled and nodded. “Of course, Mom. This is still a conservative estimate, but there will be at least a few hundred thousand yuan. When the time comes, let’s see how much the City Planning Bureau will give us. It will be a few times more than the current property prices.”

The two elders of the Wang family had never experienced demolition before. Therefore, when they heard they could receive so much money, they were surprised.

“Old man, with so much money, our pension is enough,” the old lady said. She couldn’t help but look at Old Master Wang.

Seeing this, Wang Yunfa quickly interrupted, “It’s not just that, Mom. If you and Dad didn’t give the remaining two courtyards to me and Brother back then, three courtyards would be demolished now. That would be a demolition fee of over a million yuan. In the future, you and Dad will enjoy good food and drinks for the rest of your lives!”

These words finally led to the two courtyards that Wang Yunmei had bought.

As expected, the old lady was stunned when she heard this. This had only happened less than three months ago, so she definitely wouldn’t forget.

When she came back to her senses, her eyes widened. “Oh my, according to what you said, your sister’s family can receive so much money?”

“That’s right!” Wang Yunfa quickly agreed. “Other than those two courtyards, her family has to be included as well. There will be approximately two million yuan!”

“Two… two million yuan?” This number frightened the old lady. It was obvious that she did not expect it.

Old Master Wang also put down his glass and chopsticks and looked at them. “So Xiao Mei will become a millionaire all of a sudden?”

In their eyes, someone with a million yuan was already a very rich person.

When Wang Yunfa saw that the two elders had shifted their attention to Wang Yunmei, the timing seemed to be ripe. He couldn’t help but pretend to be enlightened and mutter, “I was wondering why my sister was willing to spend two hundred thousand yuan to buy those two lousy courtyards. It turns out that she was already prepared.”

Li Xia pretended to be ignorant and said in surprise, “What? Elder Sister spent two hundred thousand yuan to buy two courtyards?”

Wang Yunfa nodded. “That’s right!”

“This…” Li Xia looked like she had been frightened. “Who would spend twice as much money to buy someone else’s courtyard for no reason? Why do I feel that something is wrong?”

The two of them chimed in and instantly surrounded the two elders. Although Old Madam Wang was not cultured, she was a smart person. Her mind immediately reacted. She slapped her thigh and said, “Oh, could it be that your elder sister did it on purpose?”

Wang Yunfa quickly nodded. “Perhaps she already knew about the demolition. Mom, didn’t she lie to me then?”

“It’s not just you. Even your elder brother was tricked!” Old Madam Wang’s face was filled with anger. It was obvious that she believed Wang Yunfa’s words.

“Mom, uphold justice for me. How can an elder sister cheat her younger brother?” Wang Yunfa quickly looked like he had been wronged. He looked at the old lady and said, “It’s fine if it’s just a small sum of money, but she cheated me of over a million yuan. She’s too ruthless!”

The old man was a little calmer. Even if Wang Yunmei did it on purpose, she had handed over money for the house deeds back then.

“Your sister has the deeds, and she gave you money. What’s the use of looking for her?” asked the old man as he looked at his son.

To put it bluntly, those two courtyards belonged to Wang Yunmei now, and they were legal.

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