Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 359 - Preliminary Mathematical Olympiad Competition

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Chapter 359: Preliminary Mathematical Olympiad Competition

“No, no,” Wang Yunzhong quickly said. “I know them. As long as I like you, they will accept you.”

“Besides, you’re so beautiful. Why wouldn’t they like you?”

Wang Yunzhong coaxed Xu Qianqian for a long time.

Xu Qianqian stopped crying but looked at Wang Yunzhong and asked, “What about your son? We have to live together in the future. I’m afraid that he won’t accept me.”

At the mention of his son, Wang Yunzhong couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. The expression on his face also became a little dejected.

After the divorce, Jiang Chunfen left with Wang Zimeng. Wang Zichen naturally knew about this and couldn’t accept it immediately. He even fought with Wang Yunzhong because of this.

It had been three days since he spoke to his father.

“Let’s wait a while longer. I definitely can’t let you meet him at this juncture. The child is still in adolescence and has a terrible temper. He’s still angry now,” Wang Yunzhong explained to Xu Qianqian in a gentler tone.

He did not dare to be rash now. Even the two elders who usually doted on him could not accept Qianqian, let alone his son.

Xu Qianqian also knew her limitations. She was also a little afraid to see Wang Yunzhong’s child. After all, she didn’t give birth to him herself, so she would more or less have some grudges.

“Yunzhong, I know you have a son and daughter now, but I still want to ask you. When we get married in the future, will we give birth to a child that belongs to both of us?”

Xu Qianqian’s eyes were red as she looked at Wang Yunzhong with deep love. She was exceptionally lovable.

Wang Yunzhong’s heart melted. Without thinking, he nodded and agreed. “Of course. We’ll give birth to as many as you want.”

Xu Qianqian blushed and pouted. “You’re so annoying.”

Seeing her like this, Wang Yunzhong felt a particular part of his body flush with blood. His eyes lit up as he said, “Let’s go to your place today?”

Xu Qianqian lowered her head and nodded gently with a charming appearance.

The car started and soon disappeared on the dim road in South City.

The next day, the preliminary Mathematical Olympiad competition in school.

The organizer of this Mathematical Olympiad was Baiyun City’s Education Bureau, so all the schools emphasized it. They used the school’s selection method to choose five students who represented the school.

Because they could score extra points for the college entrance examination, the students who were initially not interested in such competitions were very active. Every class had students who signed up.

The preliminary competition was on Tuesday afternoon. The venue was the most extensive lecture theater in the school building. There were more than a hundred students from Year One to Year Three who had signed up.

On average, three to four students signed up from each class.

As the top class, Class One only had four students registering. Jian Ai, Lin Yi, Jian Yiyi, and Gao Yang were all the top ten students in the monthly examination.

“How was your preparation?”

Lin Yi asked Jian Ai outside the lecture hall.

Jian Ai couldn’t help but smile and shake her head. “I’m not prepared.”

Jian Ai was telling the truth. There were a lot of things going on these days. It was already good enough that she could finish her daily homework on time. She had no time to prepare for this competition.

However, the Mathematical Olympiad questions were different from the ones they usually did. It might not be effective even if they were prepared.

“Everyone, do your best. The competition this time is fierce. There are so many people competing for the five spots,” Gao Yang said calmly.

As he spoke, the six teachers in charge of invigilating the examination had already arrived.

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