Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 346 - Attacked

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Chapter 346: Attacked

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Because Chen Jin had left, Jian Ai’s breakfast was no longer available, so she went out twenty minutes earlier than usual. She planned to go to a breakfast stall and have breakfast before going to school.

Most of the residential areas in South City were alleys. The main road was not considered spacious, and the alleys on the side roads were narrow.

There were not many people on the road. Jian Ai carried her school bag and walked towards the street entrance.

Suddenly, a strange feeling hit her back. Jian Ai’s eyes instantly narrowed like a cat’s, but she didn’t stop walking.

The feeling was strong and weak at times, appearing and disappearing. It was as if someone had maintained a certain distance from her but did not give her any sense of threat.


Someone was following her, but there was no danger.

Jian Ai was suspicious and stopped in her tracks. She suddenly turned around.

The alley behind her was empty, without a figure. However, Jian Ai was certain that this person was hiding somewhere.

Jian Ai narrowed her eyes and was about to use her X-ray vision to find the other party when she suddenly heard the sound of a car driving towards her from afar.

She turned around and saw a white van driving aggressively. In the blink of an eye, it was already ten meters away from her.

An ear-piercing screech of brakes sounded. The doors on both sides of the van opened, and eight tall men walked out.

These people looked fierce. Just from their auras, Jian Ai could feel that they were not here with good intentions. Her eyes turned cold, and Jian Ai instinctively retreated.

There was no one else in the alley. The other party was coming for her.

Her gaze landed on the sack in one of the burly men’s hands. The other party’s intention was to kidnap her.

“Who are you? What do you want?”

Jian Ai had no fear on her face, but she was thinking about whether she could escape bare-handed without using her mental cultivation techniques.

She was not wholly confident because, before this, she had minimal combat experience and did not have a direct judgment of her current skills.

Also, she did not know the strength of these eight burly men.

Should she fight head-on or use her mental cultivation techniques to protect herself? Jian Ai quickly calculated in her heart.

The other party didn’t want to talk nonsense with Jian Ai. A man rushed up to Jian Ai and reached out to grab her.

Unexpectedly, Jian Ai quickly dodged and jumped back. In the next second, she landed five meters away.

The burly man missed and could not help but look stunned. He immediately reacted and said to the others, “This child knows martial arts. Let’s end this quickly!”

The eight burly men pounced at Jian Ai like a swarm of bees and formed a fist with their five fingers. If the fist were any bigger, it would be as big as Jian Ai’s head. It carried a gust of wind, and one could tell that it was compelling.

Jian Ai was agile. Although she did not dare to fight them head-on, she could quickly dodge.

The alley was narrow, so only four of the eight burly men could be in front. The other four were behind. They couldn’t attack Jian Ai at the same time.

However, even so, Jian Ai knew that if she didn’t use her mental cultivation techniques, she wouldn’t be able to leave just by dodging like this.

No matter how powerful she was, it was still impossible for her to fight one against eight with her current strength.

Furthermore, they were eight burly men with muscular bodies!

With this thought in mind, Jian Ai exerted strength with her feet and retreated with amazing jumping ability, instantly pulling apart the distance between them.

The four men closed in step by step. Seeing this, they flew up at the same time and pounced at Jian Ai.

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