Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 344 - Handover

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Chapter 344: Handover

Jian Ai quickly explained, “Aunt, one yuan is just a formality. Only when it involves a cash transaction will the transaction contract take effect. However, Uncle Chen gave it to me.”

Wang Yunzhi was a little hesitant. Although Xiao Ai said that the house was free, the original price was almost five hundred thousand yuan. She couldn’t accept it easily.

“Sign it, Aunt. When I asked Uncle Chen for this house, I wanted it for you,” Jian Ai said calmly as if this house was just a one yuan object in her eyes.

After a while, Wang Yunzhi gripped the pen in her hand tightly. It was as if she had made a huge decision before quickly signing her name.

Seeing this, Jian Ai couldn’t help but smile comfortably.

No matter how conflicted her aunt was, she eventually accepted it. This was the result she wanted to see.

After signing the contract, Manager Sun quickly handed the house book to Wang Yunzhi and warmly said, “Welcome to Bihai Luxury Villa.”

Wang Yunzhi held the book but felt as if it weighed a thousand pounds. Everything felt like a dream. It was so surreal.

A one hundred and twenty square meter house. She never dreamed that she would one day own such a big house in Haicheng District.

In the car, Wang Yunzhi looked at Jian Ai and said, “Xiao Ai, Aunt doesn’t know what to say.”

At this moment, Wang Yunzhi could not find the right words to say. Or perhaps, any words would seem pale at this moment. This gift was so expensive and sudden that she was not prepared at all.

Jian Ai reached out to hold Wang Yunzhi’s hand with a calm and indifferent smile on her face. “Aunt, you don’t have to say anything. I won’t feel heartache no matter how much money I spend on you. It’s just a house. Don’t forget that my company builds houses!”

Furthermore, she did not spend money on this house. Chen Lei had just done her a favor and given it to her for nothing.

“Aunt didn’t expect you to do such a big thing secretly. If your mother knew, she wouldn’t believe it!” Wang Yunzhi sighed.

Jian Ai smiled. If not for what had happened today, if she told her mother, she would naturally find it hard to believe.

However, with her aunt as her witness, everything was much easier.

“Oh, right. Aunt, go back and tell Uncle not to work at the freight station anymore. It’s too dangerous!”

Jian Ai suddenly said, “I already have plans. I’ll find a new job for him.”

This time, Wang Yunzhi did not refuse. She had indeed seen Jian Ai’s ability. She had already accepted a house. If she rejected Jian Ai’s offer to arrange a suitable job for Yao Feng, she would seem a little unreasonable.

Moreover, Jian Ai was right. Her husband’s job was too dangerous, and she was often on tenterhooks because of it. She had long discussed with her husband to change his job as soon as possible.

However, in Baiyun City, there was no culture or technology. It was too difficult to find a job with a monthly salary of over two thousand yuan. Yao Feng had never been willing to change careers.

When Wang Yunzhi reached home, Yao Feng was sitting on the bed while rubbing alcohol on his sprained leg. This was a handy folk recipe. White wine would be poured into a bowl to be heated. Then, it would be used to rub the injured area repeatedly. The effects were especially obvious.

Seeing Wang Yunzhi enter the house, Yao Feng looked up and asked, “Xiao Ai went home? Where did she take you?”

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