Rebirth of the Best Businesswoman at School - Chapter 1022 - : There's Still a Long Time Between Us!

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Chapter 1022: There’s Still a Long Time Between Us!

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Jian Ai couldn’t help but blink at Jian Changsheng playfully. “Uncle Jian, are you confused? Why would I tell you this?”

Jian Changsheng: “…”

“But don’t worry, with my company’s current strength, it’s impossible to hurt the Jian Group.” Jian Ai pursed her lips. “I still know my limitations.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Jian Ai’s expression suddenly changed, and warning filled her starry eyes. “Threre’s still a long time between us!”

When Jian Changsheng met Jian Ai’s gaze, a cold sweat broke out on his back. Even his scalp went numb.

At this moment, Jian Yichen returned.

He was holding two ice creams.

“I went to the other side to buy two ice creams.” Jian Yichen handed one blue ice cream to Jian Ai.

Jian Ai’s expression changed in a second, and she returned to normal. She reached out to take the ice cream and thanked him. “I was wondering why you went to the bathroom for so long.”

Jian Changsheng looked at Jian Ai’s side profile and felt his heart turn into ashes. At that moment, he could feel that Xiao Ai treated him as an enemy!

This was the first time he had eaten with his daughter. It should have made Jian Changsheng happy, but he felt like he was chewing wax.

On the way back, Jian Changsheng was distracted. Jian Ai’s expression and her last sentence kept appearing in his mind.


Jian Yichen’s voice pulled Jian Changsheng back.

“What’s wrong?” Jian Changsheng pretended to be calm and turned around, but he met Jian Yichen’s deep frown.

Jian Yichen raised his chin at the window. “We’re home!”

Jian Changsheng couldn’t help but look out of the window. They had already parked the car outside the garage.

As if noticing his father’s absent-mindedness, Jian Yichen couldn’t help but ask with concern, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m fine.” Jian Changsheng took a deep breath and smiled. “I was thinking about something and got distracted.”

Without waiting for his son to ask, Jian Changsheng opened the car door and got out.

He looked up and saw Old Master Jian and Old Madam Jian standing outside the villa.

“Dad? Mom?” Jian Changsheng was stunned. He couldn’t help but rush forward. “Why are you here?”

The old man was angry, but his face was as cold as an iceberg. He glared at Jian Changsheng without a word.

The old lady took the initiative to say, “We came over to see you. Why is there no one at home?”

“Yiyi went to the production team to film. Shuyi was worried, so she went along. The nanny applied for leave and went back to her hometown. I took Yichen out to eat something!” Jian Changsheng explained briefly.

Looking at the old man’s expression, Jian Changsheng knew why he was here.

“Grandpa, Grandma!” Jian Yichen ran over.

Seeing his grandson, a smile filled Old Master Jian’s face. He pulled Jian Yichen’s hand and said, “No one is taking care of you at home. Why don’t you stay at Grandpa’s house for a few days?”

“Alright!” Jian Yichen agreed.

When Old Master Jian heard this, his mood instantly improved. Indeed, nothing was more important than his grandson.

The old lady took advantage of the fact that his attention was on their grandson and secretly gave her son a look. Jian Changsheng understood and replied with an expression that said, “Don’t worry.”

After entering the house, Jian Changsheng said to Jian Yichen, “Yichen, go upstairs and pack your things. Go back with Grandpa and Grandma later.”

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