Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 650 - Feng Yuanlin Breaks Up

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Chapter 650: Feng Yuanlin Breaks Up

Qin Qing naturally wouldn’t admit to having an affair or anything else. She shook her head and said, “Of course not! That assistant director is just one of the people pursuing me. I didn’t agree to it, nor am I cheating on you! If you don’t believe me, you can investigate me directly!”

Qin Qing spoke confidently.

Feng Yuanlin naturally didn’t want to doubt her character, nor did he want to believe that he had misjudged her after so many years. If this woman in front of him really dared to cheat on him… Feng Yuanlin’s face instantly turned frosty.

Without waiting for Feng Yuanlin to speak, Qin Qing sighed. “Now that things have come to this point, I’ll lay my cards on the table with you. When I was with you in the past, there were indeed many people who expressed their goodwill to me, but since I’m with you, I never thought of hooking up with anyone else!”

Seeing the man’s face soften, Qin Qing heaved a sigh of relief, but her next words provoked him, deliberately or otherwise. “One of them is especially good to me and always silently supports and helps me. Only now do I know how he feels about me. We’ve already passed each other countless times, and I don’t plan to do so again. Yuanlin, I realize now that we’re really not compatible. Whether you agree or not, for both our sakes, I’ve decided to break up this time!”

Without waiting for Feng Yuanlin to speak, Qin Qing solemnly vowed, “But don’t worry, that person isn’t that assistant director; it’s someone else. I’ve never cheated on you!”

Feng Yuanlin hadn’t said anything, but after she said so much, Feng Yuanlin finally reacted a little. He looked up at the woman in front of him with a complicated expression. “Have you decided?”

Qin Qing nodded firmly. “I’ve decided.”

Feng Yuanlin finally nodded in agreement. “Okay!”

Seeing that he agreed, Qin Qing couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. At the same time, she felt a little upset that he agreed to break up so easily.

She thought of the fat and ugly Assistant Director Jin whom she had been looking for recently, and then looked at the heroic man in front of her. In terms of looks and temperament, one was in the sky and the other on the ground.

Qin Qing consoled herself. Looks couldn’t be eaten. The man in front of her couldn’t give her everything she wanted at all; maybe he wasn’t capable in that respect.

However, Assistant Director Jin could give her everything. Most importantly, the Jin family had power and influence in the capital. No matter how good-looking the man in front of her was, he wasn’t half as good as Assistant Director Jin.

Only then did Qin Qing feel a little better. She pretended to be generous and said, “Yuanlin, even if we can’t be a couple, we can still be friends!”

Feng Yuanlin refused coldly. “No need!”

Qin Qing advised earnestly, “No matter what, Yuanlin, I still hope that you can find a girlfriend you like in the future.”

“We’ll see!” Feng Yuanlin said indifferently.

Qin Qing didn’t plan to stay any longer. Before she left, Feng Yuanlin suddenly asked, “Do you also like that man?”

Qin Qing subconsciously wanted to deny it, but when she saw that Feng Yuanlin’s face was still calm, she still felt a little unreconciled. She immediately corrected herself and nodded. “I did realize I was a bit moved, so…”

Feng Yuanlin interrupted her with an ugly expression. “Okay, I understand!”

He got up and turned to leave. Feng Yuanlin thought of something and suddenly said, “Have you always been brooding over my refusal to get you the Qi Corporation endorsement?”

Qin Qing was stumped. Without waiting for her to speak, Feng Yuanlin said, “I can’t do anything about the Qi Corporation endorsement, but I can give you the Feng Corporation endorsement! Take it as my final parting gift to you. Also, your name is on the title deed for the house in Fuzhou, so I’ll give that to you!”

Qin Qing: …

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