Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 648 - Caught In the Act by Feng Yuanlin

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Chapter 648: Caught In the Act by Feng Yuanlin

Qin Qing had been holding it in for a long time. After listening to the man’s words, she couldn’t help but retort, “Busy? You were busy, but still had the time to eat with that Chi woman in the middle of the night? By the way, I forgot to ask, how was it? Did you eat well? The atmosphere was good, right? In your heart, you treat only that Chi woman as one of your own. I, an outsider, am nothing at all!”

Qin Qing’s blunt words made the vein on Feng Yuanlin’s forehead bulge, and his face turned uglier.

Qin Qing clearly had a lot of anger and had been waiting to vent. Seeing that the man didn’t speak, she became even more impassioned. “You keep saying Zhenbai’s wife, Zhenbai’s wife all the time; have you fallen for that woman?!”

Qin Qing’s words became more and more excessive. It didn’t matter if she scolded him, but why was she doubting his character and insulting others? Feng Yuanlin’s face sank and he scolded, “Shut up! What nonsense are you speaking? That Zhenbai’s wife. Who do you take me for?”

With Feng Yuanlin’s shout, the atmosphere turned very stiff.

Qin Qing also trembled with anger. All these years, this man had never shouted at her, but he shouted at her for that Chi woman. Was that woman that important?

Qin Qing sneered. “I wanted the Qi family endorsement deal previously, but you said you couldn’t pull strings. However, with that Chi woman, you directly patted your chest and said that as long as it wasn’t against the law, you would solve anything for her. If these aren’t double standards, what are they? Do you even treat me as your girlfriend?”

After saying that, Qin Qing didn’t say anything else, and she slammed the door as she left.

Feng Yuanlin rubbed the throbbing vein on his temple as he watched Qin Qing leave. How could he not tell that she was brooding over the endorsement deal with Qi Corporation?

The reason he said that back then was naturally because he knew Zhenbai’s wife’s character. She wouldn’t really trouble him if something happened. Besides, he and Zhenbai were childhood friends; so what if he helped his friend’s wife a little?

But the Qi Corporation endorsement deal wasn’t a small matter. How could he have the face to ask Zhenbai for it directly?

Feng Yuanlin took the elevator and chased after her. From afar, he saw a man holding Qin Qing’s waist as they got into a car.

Who knew if it was because Feng Yuanlin’s eyes were too sharp, but Qin Qing subconsciously turned around and met Feng Yuanlin’s incomparably unsightly expression, and her right eyelid twitched violently.

“Baby, what’s wrong? What are you looking at?” The assistant director recalled what Qin Qing tasted like, and his expression instantly became incomparably blatant and hot.

Before the assistant director could speak again, Feng Yuanlin suddenly came over aggressively, grabbed the assistant director’s pig-like hand expressionlessly, and was about to punch him in the face.

The assistant director, who didn’t usually work out, screamed in pain at Feng Yuanlin’s grip.

Qin Qing wasn’t afraid that Feng Yuanlin would offend this assistant director, but she was worried that she would be implicated. Qin Qing quickly stood in front of the assistant director, and Feng Yuanlin’s face stiffened and turned ugly.

Qin Qing hadn’t planned to directly lay her cards on the table with Feng Yuanlin, but when she thought of the assistant director’s previous promise and attitude, she made a decision. “This is a misunderstanding. I still have something on. I have to go to a press conference with Assistant Director Jin now. I’ll explain everything to you when I come back.”

Feng Yuanlin’s face grew uglier and uglier as he stared fixedly at the woman’s face in front of him. For a moment, he almost couldn’t recognize her, and felt that this incomparably familiar woman was strange and far away from him.

In the end, Feng Yuanlin let go of the man in front of him and spat out coldly, “Come back and explain it to me!”

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