Rebirth from the Ashes - Chapter 551 - A Genius in Their Hands

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Chapter 551: A Genius in Their Hands

Zhou Zhen had to admit that the girl was a knockout, the unworldly kind that invited green-eyed monsters.

Meanwhile, the makeup artist’s hands were trembling, unable to muster up the courage to apply makeup for Shen Xi after an insight into the latter’s great technique. The makeup artist cautiously sought Shen Xi’s opinion. “I’m afraid I might not do a good job. Why don’t you do it since you’re the whiz?”

Shen Xi was deft in her makeup while she was too small of a fry to lay hands on the guru’s face.

Shen Xi smiled. “It’s fine. You can do it.”

Still quaking in the hands, the makeup artist remained apprehensive and was on the verge of tears. “I think you should do it.”

In the end, Shen Xi did it herself since it was too hard on the makeup artist. The girl was scared to death and was about to cry in fear.

Completely in awe, the makeup artist took the opportunity to chat Shen Xi up. “Do you have a Weibo account?”

Shen Xi nodded. “Yes.”

The makeup artist whipped out her phone and eagerly gazed at Shen Xi. “Could you share with me your Weibo account so I can follow you.”

With such amazing skills, the guru must be a bad*ss beauty blogger. Surely, she would have makeup videos and beauty courses posted on Weibo or other social media platforms.

Shen Xi replied, “Shen Xi.”

It did not take the makeup artist long to find Shen Xi’s account on Weibo. Dumbstruck the moment she clicked on the profile, the makeup artist stammered, “Are you… Ms… Ms. Cai Ni?”

Her bio was verified by Weibo as Cai Ni the Stylist!

Shen Xi humbly grinned. “Yes.”

The makeup artist froze, at a loss to express her overwhelming excitement and joy. She was stirred up for a moment before adding. “Ms. Cai Ni, can I… Ask for an autograph?”

F*cking hell!

Her idol!

This person before her eyes was her idol!

Ms. Cai Ni had appeared in public before but just once during last year’s red carpet at China Film Festival.

Nevertheless, her photo was deleted the same night itself, leaving not a single trace online. Apart from those who attended the event, no one else knew what Ms. Cai Ni looked like. The only information left in the air was her absolute beauty!

“Sure.” Shen Xi was accommodating to the request.

Other than the stylist, the director and associate director were also present in the room. They were here to keep watch of Zhou Zhen in case she caused a scene again.

After picking up on Shen Xi’s reply, they exchanged glances and saw the same shock in each other’s eyes.

Ms. Cai Ni!

The associate director was left to twist in the wind. OMG! To think he did something stupid by offering Ms. Cai Ni to be a makeup artist on their set with the base salary of 5,000 yuan and insurances and housing fund paid for!

Ms. Cai Ni would turn her nose up at such an offer. After all, she was the hottest and most sought-after stylist in the industry. There was no guarantee she would grace her presence even if movie stars threw wads of cash at her.

Yet, there he was, trying to convince her to stay with monthly wages. He must be delusional!

Wang Cai was caught in a daze by the mention of this name. This was Ms. Cai Ni they were talking about – the very student of Ms. Jiang Yin, and the most in-demand stylist right now.

Jesus. What kind of genius did they have in their hands? She was second to none in creating looks and had a knack for acting too. However, Wang Cai could pretty much give up trying to pull her into the entertainment business.

Stunned, Zhou Zhen widened her eyes in disbelief. Ms. Cai Ni!

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